Pushing my grey matter

At the Second Harvest Food Bank, where I volunteer several hours per week, I fear that I have reached a mental impasse.  My latest role is to keep the files up to date on links.  That is, pledges must be linked to incoming payments, so that keeping track of who promised what and when, and have they lived up to their promises and put their money where …..well, you understand.  This process is accomplished via “hyperlinking” the promises to the cash flow.  Drawing dotted lines, if you will.

This makes perfect sense to me, and I understand not only the rationale, but the process as well.  Hyperlinking sounds rather intimidating, but is quite a simple press-the-button process.  So, WHY am I thinking of raising the white flag, acknowledging defeat, and asking to be reassigned?  Part of my problem lies in the Mac VS PC conundrum.

My though processes are being boggled by the multiplicity of drives that make up the PC platform.  Accounts Receivable is on the F Drive.  In many scenarios the payments received last month (as income) may need to be hyperlinked to pledges made in 2013.  Yes, some large multi digit pledges are that far behind!  BUT I cannot hyperlink pledges to payments unless the pledges have made their way into Accounts Receivable.  If Pledge #345 from Company X doesn’t show up in AR, it has to be found in the Pledge file relating to when it was actually made, copied and pasted into AR.  Then, and ONLY then, can I hyperlink the pledge to the payment, finally concluding the history and lineage of that chunk of money.

My big frustration lies in the way files are labeled, or named.  I would really appreciate it if the incoming funds had the word PAYMENTS somewhere in the mystical title.  I’m well aware of the two different paths used to arrive at the two solitudes of payments and pledges, but without more definitive labelling, the myriad of files gets muddled in my somewhat mangled MS brain.

Having used Mac platform machines for most of my life, I’m easily put off by trying to keep all these drives, files and folders in an orderly fashion in brain.  THAT is why I am struggling so much in my role at the Food Bank!  I understand the reasoning, the methodology, and the processes, but I’m still struggling mightily.  The best solutions I could hope for, that I THINK would help, are centered around labelling, and having all of the required windows open, yet each reduced inside to their minimum usefulness.  Even then, I would have to have a piece of paper with the ‘floor plan’ of all these windows, complete with their identity, category and date.

There, that makes me feel like this might be doable.  Tina will be delighted to know that I’m not quite giving up.  At least, not yet!


2 thoughts on “Pushing my grey matter

  1. I always tell Windows users…Macs are just so uncomplicated! You understand this!!! They don’t until they become Mac users!


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