The possibility of heading back to Waterloo for a short visit was appealing.  I’d love to touch base with the friends I had there, just to say hello, and see how things are going for them.  Although I have few fond memories of that city, the ones I do have are dear to me.  Otherwise, sheer misery was my only souvenir of my employment with Zehrs/Loblaws!

Glenn’s boss at Apple mentioned that he would be quite appreciative if he would agree to spend a few days this spring conducting interviews on their behalf at the University of Waterloo.  Since they pride themselves with their willingness to ONLY hire the best of the best of the best, recruiting at one of Canada’s top schools seems logical.  Plus, since Glenn is a Cdn citizen, there is no need for a costly and time consuming visa application.  With his years of experience conducting behavioral interviews, all of the necessary boxes are ticked.

Apple always flies their staff in business class, so that is a given.  However, if I’m going with him, we’ll have to cough up for my ticket.  The price of a business class ticket is several thousand dollars normally, but less if you book far enough in advance.  This is why we need Apple to make up their minds sooner than later!  Plus I really can’t make any other definitive plans until I know the whens and wheres.

Willa’s 3rd birthday is on June 2nd.  IF Apple times this right, we could potentially spend her birthday with her!  IF we planned to spend several days, perhaps up to a week, we could arrange to meet up with the three of them, perhaps in Toronto, at one of those indoor waterpark hotels, like Great Wolf Lodge.  If we paid for accommodations for everyone, we could call that Willa’s birthday gift, and even Evan’s birthday gift too.  Heaven knows he could use a vacation after the wrangling with the bank over this stolen credit card bad debt that is actually THEIR fault.  Meanwhile, he and his company are out fourteen thousand dollars.

We won’t likely get back to Ottawa for a visit until autumn, which will give us a longer period of time to plan that adventure.  Our upcoming recruitment trip won’t likely be for more than five days away, since Glenn is always heavily loaded with work.  He is now on three, soon four, projects, but also gets pulled aside to help fellow engineers that might be struggling with some particular concept.

During the past almost forty years of his career, Glenn has worked on every conceivable type of technology in both hardware and software, and has an amazing memory, able to recall SO many concepts that he has learned over the years!  It is frustrating for those of us who don’t have this particular gift, especially since some of this knowledge is twenty years old!


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