Cool temperatures in a HOT market

The real estate market here has predictably gone up, but the volume is very low.  The latter is one of the reasons that the former is SO hot.  The population of Silicon Valley is increasing steadily, as the local tech companies compete to have the biggest, fanciest new headquarters in the area.  Google is putting Mountain View on the map, and has recently purchased and taken over Moffat Field, an old Naval Aviation base.  A gigantic hangar that was originally made for dirigibles is now to be used as a test facility for Google’s flying robots.   On the other hand, Facebook has chosen Menlo Park as their very own home turf, as construction continues on their massive mirrored monolith.

Apple has of course, taken over Cupertino.  Their ‘spaceship’ is projected to be ready for occupancy in mid 2017.  It can now be glimpsed  cresting over the tops of the green fence that the construction is discretely hidden behind.  Of course, the seriously curious need only walk up to the fence to peek between the boards, so it i hardly top secret!  The greatest impact that the company has had on the area so far is to push the real estate market to strikingly high levels.  When we moved here a year ago, we casually discussed the possibility of buying a home within walking distance of his job.  We don’t do that any more!

Our little dilapidated house in Waterloo was sold for $300,000.  To buy a similar home here is NOT what we want to do, so we  are happy renting for now.  Of course, $3650 per month isn’t really in anyone’s comfort zone, but here we consider ourselves quite lucky.  To buy a slightly more updated home than the Waterloo house would cost between 1.2 and 1.7 million in Cupertino.  Here in Santa Clara, it would be between 700,000 and 1.2 million.  The four miles that we are away from Apple takes 20 minutes to drive, in the morning.  The afternoon commute is half to three quarters of an hour.  Just to save half a million dollars, it is the difference between buying a house in a couple of years, and waiting MUCH LONGER!

I suppose it won’t surprise anyone to learn that I keep an eye on the real estate market.  Each and every evening, I open up my computer, type in ‘Zillow’, and away I go!  My personal preference is for slightly older ‘craftsman’ style homes, that are found in ‘the quad’, which is central old downtown Santa Clara.  These homes were generally built in the 1940’s, and have lots of beautiful woodwork and oodles of charm.  For example……,pf_pt/19558326_zpid/days_sort/37.46246,-121.800098,37.279107,-122.135868_rect/11_zm/?view=map

THIS is the house I would choose, if I could pick any home in the area.  Why?  Craftsman charm,TREES, extra guest suite for those with pet allergies, neighborhood, and I just plain love the look of these homes.  It is just the right size for us, with room for company when they come.  I hope this link works for you…..I am madly in love with this house!  That being said, we aren’t i a position to buy anything yet, but at least when our time comes, I’ll be well versed on the relative values in the area.


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