One year anniversary tomorrow!

It was 32 C here this afternoon.  March 14th, and it is uncomfortably hot, so much that the air conditioner started up!  This is a record for this date!  Sudden heat often causes discomfort in more than one way.  As such, both Glenn and I are tired and head-achey, with sore eyes.  We were forewarned of this blast of heat, so were up early and out in the garden.  Already it is too late to plant spinach and peas, so that means that it is time to get the beans, tomatoes, and zucchini in the ground.

We had dug the beds and nourished them with steer manure several weeks ago, so were were all set to plant.  I had visited the garden center yesterday, buying climbing beans and bush beans (both green), cucumber, 2 kinds of tomatoes, and two kinds of zucchini.  Last year we got plenty of climbing beans, few tomatoes and zucchini, and all of TWO cucumbers!  The tomatoes and zucchini got planted in the same bed as last year, but we hadn’t added the manure before planting since we were late getting started in the garden.  The cakes we planted in a separate pot, but being veggie garden newbies here, we were not really good about watering.

Both kinds of beans got planted in the same bed as last year as well, but it was a new bed that Glenn built for me shortly after moving into this house.  Last year we planted bean seeds, but cheated this year by using seedlings.  As the season progresses,  we’ll interplant with seeds, in order to get a continuing harvest.  I have both green and yellow climbing bean seeds, as well as a package of green bush bean seeds.  And yes, we really really like home grown beans!

There was also a special price on geranium plants, so I picked up several of those as well.  We now have one white, two red, and three hot pink geraniums.  The wonderful thing about geraniums here is……..they are perennials!  I noted that my neighbor has several huge geranium SHRUBS!  These plants are about three feet wide, and four feet tall.   I guess this means that I didn’t purchase these as plants that will get tossed at the end of the year!  It is more like I adopted them, and with any lunch they will be family members that will grow old with us.

We had to stop at Lowe’s to get a touch up pen for the new hardwood, to cover the finishing nails that were used on the trim.  While Glenn was deciding on what color was the best match, I wandered into the end of the garden center.  There, on a table, were the clearance plants.  They were mostly hydrangea shrubs, but there was one lonely little wisteria vine.  He looked a little worse for wear, but with enough TLC, he should be gorgeous for next spring.  For only five dollars, how could I not adopt it?

We plan to head out fairly early tomorrow morning, to get a few bags of mulch.  We have definitely learned that life in a world of perpetual drought means that it is super important to conserve as much moisture as we can for the thirsty plants that rarely bet much help from Mother Nature


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