HOT (er) weather has arrived!

Today’s high, was a forecasted 19 degrees C, but our over-achieving climate hit 25C by noon.  The bright sunshine is like an exclamation point on what would otherwise be a mildly amusing statement.  Sunlight here converts anything above 20C to CAPITAL LETTERS, and can give you a sunburn just by thinking out venturing outside.  Fortunately, we are nowhere near that stage, and hopefully won’t be for many more months.

Anna has decided she is going to visit us from Monday May 18th until the following Monday.  This is wonderful news, since we’ve been inviting her down for the entire time we’ve been here!  Speaking of which, it is ONE YEAR since we emigrated, arriving on March fifteenth.   Shouldn’t Apple provde us with anniversary gifts on this auspicious occasion?  I would have thought that this would be the least they could do, given how coming down here required such a wrenching upheaval for us!  Perhaps I should give them a heads-up, in case it has slipped their minds….

As well, I’m virtually certain that they will want to send me some flowers, on the occasion of my first colonoscopy/endoscopy, scheduled for next Wednesday.  I know that they have been fretting about my health.  The plan is for me to have a general anesthetic for this buy-one get-one procedure.  That is just fine with me!  I wasn’t told which of the two procedures comes first.  Because if the colonoscopy is first, I just hope they wash it really really well.

What I’m dreading the most is the cocktail you have to drink the evening before the procedure.  I am given to understand that it is a tantalizingly salty beverage, whose main role is to arrange for you to spend the night making comical noises on the Big White Telephone.  It is designed to relieve you of everything you’ve eaten since kindergarten, including chalk. I can hardly wait.

The paperwork that accompanied the joy juice states that you are not allowed to drive yourself home from the ‘procedure’.  I would have thought that there would be more concern for the ‘TO’ portion of the trip!  Honestly, if I’m going to be tempted to drive into the back of a cement mixer, it will more likely be BEFORE this adventure has even begun, not after!

The advice found on this paperwork also suggests adding a citrus flavored beverage powder to the mix, to make it more palatable.  Seriously?  Would adding this flavor to the contents of a septic tank be helpful?  When Glenn had this procedure a couple of months ago, I tried adding fruit punch drinking powder to his, but his response was similarly negative.

All I can say is that I’m doomed…….


4 thoughts on “HOT (er) weather has arrived!

  1. 25C….puhleeese!!! With all due respect, keep your news to yourself! It was -25, yes, MINUS 25 (with the windchill) in Ottawa on Thurs.


  2. Hmmm, I also noticed you have americanised your spelling…”color” not colour and “flavored” instead of flavoured. Just an observation my dear BFF! oxox Gail


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