Family Crisis # umpteen

What seems like ‘out  of the blue’ to me, Diane and Ray have started contemplating moving to a home that is less work.  I assume that means smaller, or more compact, and NEWER.  They are currently living in a semi-detached high ranch bungalow in the east end of Ottawa.  Luckily, the area has great turnover potential, in that homes sell very quickly and easily, for a continually increasing amount of money!

Currently, the home is occupied by the senior couple, and their adult son, who lives in the basement.  Both Diane and her son Steve, have disabilities.  Diane is quite crippled with arthritis, and really needs to get out of this house with its endless stairs!  She cannot leave, or enter, her home, without serious discomfort.  Steve simply needs the security and lifestyle that living at home brings.

So, now what?  It seems to me that their best option would be to get an ‘independent’ unit in a senior community, that would have 2 or 3 bedrooms and a kitchen.  This would allow them to live much as they do now, but give them the ability to access the communal dining area if desired.  This set up could also provide advantages for the periodic medical needs that they could have, like frequent bloodworm for Di’s Cumadin monitoring.

There could be several problems with this idea as well.   First, would Steve be allowed to be part of the ‘seniors’ community?  As well, this type of unit tends to be pricey, and the available locations are few.

Another option for them might be a regular condo apartment.  That would avoid the questions about Steve being able to live there!  There are many units to choose from across the city, but they would require the ongoing ability of Diane and Ray to manage on their own, which may or may not be the case in the future.  It’s no wonder that Di is stressing about this!

I guess I’ll put on my real estate hat, and see what is out there for them.  Since I can do this from here, I’ll be doing this with my feet up, and a cool drink at hand.  I’ll use this as my break-time activity, in between chores like Swiffering my new dark hardwood and moving the laundry!


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