February 15, 2015………. 24C!

Written with apologies to those on the East coast, as they face yet another whump of snow and cold.  We, on the other hand, and having unseasonable February HEAT.  It is mid afternoon here in California, and the temperature outside is a bit uncomfortable for those of us that like to dig in the garden on weekends.

Today we treated our two veggie gardens to a generous helping of cow manure, in anticipation of the coming growing season.  The one bed is for beans, and cucumbers, while the other is for tomatoes and zucchini.  I rarely use the zucchini as an ingredient on its own, but it is awesome to shred and add to sauces, meatballs/loaves, and even some baking!  It is a veggie, it is high in fibre, and you never know it is there!

Our orange tree is still generously endowed with oranges, but that isn’t enough of an achievement for it.  It is now in bud, and starting to flower, with the most incredibly fragrant orange blossoms!  Once it gets more heavily in flower, the whole neighborhood will be a field of fragrance.  Every third house has an orange tree, interspersed with lemons, tangerines, and grapefruit!  A citrus heaven to be sure!orange buds orange flower

Today, we made juice out of some of the oranges, plus two grapefruit that a friend gave me.  Note to self:  grapefruit has not gotten any sweeter in the years since I have eaten one.  We decided to add 3 more oranges to our jug of juice, which definitely cut the bitterness that was the grapefruits’ contribution!

Last evening we had Barbara and Charles over for supper.  I was feeling guilty because Barb had invited me to her University Womens’ Meeting, and I had demurred.  The meeting was to start at 9pm, and featured some local authors reading from their latest releases.  Apparently it was a wonderful evening, but honestly, I’m in bed by 10pm at the latest, earlier if I’ve done both the Senior’s Gym AND the Food Bank that day.  I know I’m pushing my limits, but honestly, as long as I can do so, I will.  I really enjoy both volunteer jobs, and get so much pleasure from both roles.

For the meal, Glenn BBQ’d a London Broil steak, and i made a devils food strawberry shortcake for dessert.  No calories here!  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, at least until Charles announced that it was 8pm.  He claimed to be concerned about their cat Thaddeus, since he was still outside wandering the neighborhood.  I guess folks never stop worrying about their little ones, no matter how furry they are!


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