It’s raining, it’s pouring

After a record breaking dry January with NO precipitation whatsoever , we have several days of intense rain in the forecast for the first weekend in February.  As was the case in December, threats of flooding have urged the city officials to provide lots and lots of sandbags.  They are available for pick up at several locations around the Bay, free of charge.

Many businesses that were badly flooded in December’s downpour have stocked up on these sandbags, figuring that they are better to be safe, than sorry!  Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage was done at the high water mark, and many businesses have only just recovered from that clean up.  Now, Mother Nature has pressed ‘rewind’!

Most of us are delighted with this desperately needed precipitation.  I know that the back of our sunroom will likely be a bit damp after this storm, due to saturated cupboard exterior walls, but this is not a major issue.  The property managers are aware of this, but haven’t told us what, if any, plans they have to address this issue.  So far, this moisture hasn’t damaged anything of ours, since the only ramifications are that the rug around the base of the back wall gets wet.  Since the only furniture in the sunroom belongs to the homeowner, it is not an issue.

The amount of rain that this storm will likely drop varies depending on what part of the Bay you live in.  Most of the rain is predicted to fall on the north Bay, which is north of San Francisco and Napa.  We here in the south Bay will get substantially less:  1-3′ are predicted for us.  Obviously, the flooding threat pertains mostly to the folks in the north, since their forecast could be for as much as 5″.

Just to add more excitement to life, there is a second storm set to come through early next week!  It isn’t predicted to be as generous as the first storm, but will likely add another inch or two to our bounty.

Since spring seems to have come early to this poor drought ridden land, I am delighted to see the rain, and the more the better!  Dozens of trees are laden with white blossoms which I am told are the prune/plum trees, probably why the main thoroughfare around here is called “Pruneridge Drive”!  The other striking beauties around here are the ‘tulip trees’, also known as ‘saucer magnolias’.

The usual spring flowers that I loved in Canada are here as well, cheerfully popping up out of the ground.  Here they don’t have to fight with snow cover, so they aren’t as noticeably.  Daffodils are now up, probably soon to be followed by tulips.  With all the floral beauty down here, these humble bulbs aren’t getting the proper respect from me I know, but give me a couple of years, and all this excess to become more ordinary!


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