One of the main items that Claire wanted to see in San Francisco was the famous “Painted Ladies”.  These beautiful old Victorian houses have been cherished and carefully decorated, and stand as an iconic symbol of San Francisco.  We decided to visit these lovely homes in the late afternoon, at the end of a day of sight seeing.

A trip over the Golden Gate Bridge was an absolute necessity, as well as a visit to the nearby Golden Gate Park!  Like any small child, Willa LOVED to visit playgrounds, and this state has some pretty remarkable ones!  This particular one was set up by the Koret company many years ago, and happily hosts millions of visitors, young and old alike!  In the midst of many acres of garden, paths beckoned people to stroll in the sunshine, and enjoy the day.

Nearby was the Academy of Science, where Apple had its Christmas Party.  Visiting that would wait until Willa was older, we decided, as her passions were definitely more of the play ground nature!  Perhaps at their next visit we could allocate time to visit this amazing center, but for now…..climber

Evan and Claire went for a walk around this acreage, and found a food truck serving wraps and kebabs.  They eagerly chose an assortment of goodies, and brought them back to the bench we had settled on.  Why is it that sometimes you don’t even realize how hungry you are until food is handed to you?  We all munched and slurped, til it was gone.  Willa was soon sporting lunch remains on her face, so after a quick clean up courtesy of her Mommy always carrying wet wipes, we headed back to the car.


On our way to visit the Painted Ladies, we took a quick side trip to show another San Francisco claim-to-fame:  Lombard Street.  This small serpentine road is ALWAYS fun to drive, but authorities are now trying to figure out how to limit the constant traffic  Home owners complain of the constant noise and car exhaust they live with!

The Painted Ladies never fail to impress visitors to the city on the Bay.  I have no idea how much they would sell for, should one come onto the market.  Judging by nearby real estate prices, however, I would guess that a well maintained and skillfully updated Victorian in this location could list at upwards of eight to ten million dollars.

family DSCN0354


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