If you asked her what the most important thing she had to look forward to on this trip was, I believe Willa would jump up and shout, THE BEACH!.  With fingers crossed that the sunshine and sand would welcome us with decent warmth, we headed off late that morning.  A couple of old car blankets, some towels, and lots of sunblock went into the bag.  Off we go!

It was a good thing that Glenn and I had visited this beach on Christmas Day, so we knew what was and was not there, to help with our planned picnic lunch.  We saw a couple dozen iron grills, so we picked up some easy-light charcoal, and some matches.  Hot dogs and buns were on the menu, as well as raw veggies and chips, plus the required ketchup and mustard.  Of course, paper plates, napkins and wet wipes were always a good idea.  Check, check, check:  all set to dine in the fresh sea air!

When we arrived at Two Bridges National Seashore, Willa could hardly contain herself.  With her little orange bucket and shovel in hand, she burst out of the car giggling excitedly.  beach babe

Almost immediately,she demanded to be put in her bathing suit, despite the chilly water lapping at the shore.  Her parents begged and pleaded with her to be content with just walking at the water’s edge, but NO.  There were other kids in bathing suits, splashing in the surf, so SHE had to have her suit on too!

Amazingly, there was no complaint about the icy water from her!  She was too busy having fun, laughing with the other children about as they ran from the surging waves.  Evan stayed very close by, to ensure she was in no danger, but HE didn’t care for the sensation of the chilly water tickling his bare toes!

At one point, a large wave suddenly surged at the sun bathers, catching most unprepared.  Willa and the other little ones at the water’s edge were deluged with the monster wave.  Sitting back a ways from the shore, I expected to hear screams and crying from the drenched little people.  What I heard were peals of laughter and screams, as they ran towards parents with towels.  It seemed that the only ones that were frightened by this wave were us ‘old folks;!


Evan was soon pushed into service to help build a sand castle, but Glenn demurred.  He was delegated to the BBQ starting chore, while Claire and I prepped the picnic table with our feast ingredients.

DSCN0363As the scent of sizzling hot dogs wafted down the beach, our sand castle  builders realized that sun and sea can make for big appetites.  The entire package of hot dogs was soon no more.  Once again, Willa became restless, and wanted to return to the water’s edge.  By late afternoon, however, a chill had crept into the ocean breeze, so our shivering pixie allowed herself to be re-dressed.  tree climberBy the time were were packed up, Willa was starting to yawn.  Having missed her customary afternoon nap, she would likely doze on the trip home.  Glenn selected a different route to head home instead of our route out to the coast, through the mountains.  He drove up the coast to Half Moon Bay, a favorite retirement community, then across through the north part of the Bay area.


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