Finally, Claire got her wish!  We dedicated Friday to showing her around San Francisco, starting with the sea lions at Pier 39.  They were all in fine form, laying around on one of their concrete piers, scuffling amongst themselves and making their loud bellows at every move.  She thought that they were ‘adorable’, so much so that she picked up a small fuzzy replica at the nearby gift shop for Willa to have as a souvenir.  Anna had sent them money for Christmas, so this was a perfect chance to choose something to remember this trip by.  Luckily, the toy didn’t make the same horrendous racket as the creatures themselves!flophouse

Pier 39 was featuring a carousel, complete with gaudily painted animals and creatures of all sorts.  OF COURSE, Willa wanted to ride on this large musical treat.  However, she also wanted Mommy to ride with her!  Not on the same animal mind you, but nearby.  For a reasonable $2 fee, Willa and Claire went round and round, to the tune of “Send in the Clowns” for nearly 5 minutes.  Any longer and I would have needed to stop watching them.  Round and round is not always a good direction for me…..

merrygoround merry go round

Near the carousel was Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., so Evan suggested that this would be a great place to go for lunch.  It seemed to me that this was the main focus for Evan during this visit:  what he would EAT!  While we were having our lunch, we noticed a rainbow forming over the harbour, which was interesting, since it hadn’t been raining.  Of course in typical SF fashion, the morning had been quite foggy.  I never realized that fog could cause rainbows to appear!


Friday January 16th was also an auspicious occasion for Glenn and I.  It was the 39th anniversary of our first date!  39 years since Mom said NO, you are TOO YOUNG to date.  Obviously, she soon relented, and the rest is history.  As often happens when we visit Pier 39, we stopped into Harry Mason’s jewelry store. Willa the very girly girl that she is, was besotted.  She calls jewellery ‘fancies’, so the salesman was happy to let her admire all that sparkled.   We picked up a couple more pair of Harry’s ‘twirlers’ earrings, the awesome earrings that Glenn has been buying me since he first started coming to California for work.  Happy Anniversary (sort of) to me!


2 thoughts on “Day Three: San Francisco!

  1. definitely will ’causeyanausea’

    I had to keep watching, since Willa wanted OFF after a minute! I had to keep cheering her on, since the operator wasn’t about to stop the ride for her! Claire was hanging on to her for dear life!


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