Visiting the US always requires visiting an outlet mall here, from what my friends and family tell me.  Even though the ‘outlet mall’ concept has started to cross the border into Canada, there is always the temptation of visiting yet another one of these temples to thinking that you are saving lots and lots of money.  There is always the possibility that you will find that perfect something at a screamingly low price, so off we went.  If nothing else, these outlets are a great place to get LOTS of exercise, walking round and round and round.  Did I not mention previously that this isn’t a good direction for me?

Unfortunately, this mall did not have a children’s play area, so Willa didn’t have an opportunity to romp with other kids.  She did manage to tear around the central mall concourse, making poor Claire wish that she had worn running shoes instead of Berk’s.  Occasionally, she wore herself out, and opted to sit in her stroller for a depressingly brief time.  As the day wore on, Willa’s rest periods turned into short naps, giving Glenn and I an excuse to sit on a bench and watch her snooze.  This allowed Claire and Evan to do a bit of clothing shopping, since neither will buy anything without the other’s approval.  Cute and romantic, but frustrating for other lookers-on, who saw Claire pass up some lovely items simply because Evan didn’t approve of the color or pattern.

Glenn treated himself to two new belts, but that was the extent of our spending during this foray.  Claire and I did find some pretty awesome deals for little Willa, who seems stalled at her petite size 3 toddler.  Meanwhile, the items that I had picked up for her for Christmas were size 4, which she won’t likely wear until later in the spring.  ‘Not a problem’, Claire said.  ‘I’ve got lots of storage space now that Evan has moved his business out of the house, and into the business unit he has leased closer to the downtown core.

We were amazed at how agreeable Willa was at bedtime.  All Claire had to do was escort her to the bathroom, to ensure a dry night, and tuck her in to the blow up bed we placed in Glenn’s office for her.  I waited there for her with some of the books we had for her here, and read her a couple bedtime stories.  I quickly learned NOT to use my good old bedtime comment that has been used through the ages, concerning bed bugs.  She does NOT like any mention of bugs, bed or otherwise!  I quickly reassured her that there were no bugs in our house, so she could sleep soundly.  Not a peep was heard after that!


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