The stitches are out, the incision has healed, the pain is gone, and I am left with a small souvenir.  This is MUCH preferable than the cancer, even though it was a minor malignancy.  It was enough for me, so I now wear sunblock every day, religiously.

Apparently, Willa is keeping a countdown until they leave Peterborough, and fly down here for a vacation.  We are both super excited about their visit, especially since they will be our first visitors here in California.  We had assumed that we would be deluged with guest requests from friends and family in Canada, once winter set in and the chill became painful.  I heard yesterday that it was -20C in Ottawa, so ….?  However, other than Glenn’s mom and brother and his family coming in April sometime, we haven’t heard from anyone.  I wonder if they knew that flights from Buffalo NY are half the price of flights from Toronto, would that make a difference?

At the moment, all of Silicon Valley is basking in a record heat wave.  Tuesday’s high of 28C was an all time record, while yesterday was a slightly less impressive 24C.  This comes after the previous week’s several days of near freezing nighttime temperatures!  This is can be a lethal event for this rather tropical area.  In fact, one of my Bougainvillea plants in the back yard got bitten by the frost.  While half the leaves were scarred by the cold, the plant is still alive.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the little bean plants that had just started to flower.  They are dead and gone.  I cleaned the garden out last weekend, hoping to replant as soon as seems wise.

Last Monday was my first full day at the Second Harvest Food Bank, where I have volunteered my time in the accounts receivable department.  Since this is normally one of my days at home, my agreeing to go in for this day was due to the bank’s overwhelming quantity of donations over the holiday season.   Donations automatically create a variety of paperwork, not the least of which is entering into the database the names and contact information of all of the kind donors. This is then shared with other departments, for generating tax certificates, for sending notes of thanks, for sharing information about the charity with interested parties, for letting everyone know what their support accomplished, and finally, for creating a list of people to contact when the next campaign begins.

Citrus fruit abounds here at this time of year!  Our orange tree is bent over with the weight of these juicy softballs.  Simon next door to us has a tree full of mandarin oranges, and I’m not sure that he and Joanie even use many of them!  Across the street, Barbara has a lemon tree that is equally well endowed, so she gives me a large bagful every time she sees me.  I told her that I could take any excess or unwanted fruit to the Senior’s gym, as there is always room on the registration table for a basket of fruit for any interested takers.  orange tree

The biggest issue for me was what spending an eight-hour day there did to my energy level for at least a couple of days thereafter! It isn’t that the work is physically tiring, but working in an area with which I am neither familiar, nor completely comfortable.  Over time, the stress will dissipate, and I’ll become more assured of my skills.  I DO enjoy working there, even though I really can’t say that it is relaxing at this stage.  It certainly gives my lazy old brain a bit of nudge, especially the remembering the specific ordering of paperwork on which they insist.


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