Our ‘big chill’ ……….

Despite it being generally pleasant down here, there is currently a frost warning!  We are NOT included in it, but close!  Overnight, we can look forward to the high 30’s Fahrenheit,  That is just a wee bit too close for my liking, especially since I have planted several perennials that are a bit sensitive to the cold.  I guess it is time to gather up my extra towels, and give these delicate plants that extra layer of protection.  Plants like bougainvillea are a bit more durable, so I’ll leave them be to tough it out on their own.  But some of my other plants have questionable reputations for the cold, like some of the more exotic Asiatic lilies could object to these biting cold spells.

I have thought of looking for an Atlas Cedar, like the monstrous one that is growing at the Senior’s Center here, but I’d have to find a nursery that carries them.  So far, no luck!  I know that Paul and Cheryl, as well as their next door neighbours in Windsor Ontario lost their Atlases last winter, during an unusually harsh season.  Those trees were large and lovely, and certainly were mature enough that they were expected to fare well through the cold spell.  Besides, how would you place a protective drape over a 30 foot tall tree?

I was late getting to the gym this morning for my 10-noon shift.  Yesterday’s beach adventure exhausted me, so I ended up in bed earlier than my usual time.  Glenn felt sorry for me, so let me sleep in a bit too much, so my tardiness was NOT my fault!  I made it there by 20 minutes past, so I thanked the fellow that stayed late to cover for me.  Frank is an affable fellow. I have dealt with a lingering headache all day, probably due to the bright sun light reflecting off the sand yesterday.  Sun glasses help, but don’t completely eliminate the intense glare.

When I got home we went out into the backyard to empty some remaining bags of topsoil onto the beds.  Somehow, despite the constant need to use malleable soil for planting, we had a couple of bags leftover.  Since it will be most beneficial ON the garden, we decided to empty those bags onto deserving beds.  Now, when spring comes, there are several spots to inspire my need to adopt plant life!


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