STORMAGEDDON, California style

The weather warnings are coming fast and thick on the television.  Starting tomorrow evening, the storm will come ashore, hitting the San Francisco area first.  HEAVY rains of up to 7″, HIGH winds gusting to 50 mph, local flooding, obscured visibility.

The local news is saying:  If at all possible, STAY OFF the local highways after 6pm Wednesday, due to possible hydroplaning, potentially causing many accidents.  Sand bags are available at dozens of locations in the bay area.  Clean out street gutters and home eavestroughs, fasten down garden furniture and ornamentation, and keep pets indoors.  Localized flooding is highly possible.

This is the first major storm system to come ashore in over three years.  Currently the forecast is for the rain continuing intermittently for the next two weeks.  IF this is correct, we may in fact be able to call an end to our long standing drought.  I guess that this storm is the price we may have to pay for this release.


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