Busy, busy, busy!

In the past couple of weeks, I have worked nearly every day at the gym, due to people calling in sick.  Just a few hours each time, but it kept me out of trouble.  Luckily I finished all of my Christmas shopping over a month ago.  I hate having to shop this late in the season anyway, except for single items.  For example, I’m still shopping for a couple of folks whose tags we got off of the Angel tree.  I have one eleven year old boy that wants a graphic novel about super heroes, and a sixteen year old girl that wants an MP3 player.  Glenn still hasn’t brought home his Angels from the tree at his work, but he’ll have to tweak his memory tomorrow, since the deadline for turning gifts in is the 12th!

Starting last Saturday, and continuing through until Tuesday evening, it POURED here.  There was flooding in underpasses, and we actually had a massive sinkhole open up in San Francisco.  Not being really accustomed to this sort of thing, 2 or 3 cars just went ahead and drove into it.  We had a total of five inches of rain here in Santa Clara, but other areas had more, or less.  Our own personal disaster was the death of our patio cover, which made the summer here bearable. An unusually large amount of rain gathered on the waterproof vinyl roof, causing the spindly aluminum legs to succumb.  Picture a camel, with the weight of the six cars sitting on it.   Luckily, Lowe’s had one on half price this past weekend, so I will be able to face the summer of 2015!

The party season is well under way here, though we haven’t been to any yet.  Next Friday, one week away, is the party at the MS headquarters here in Santa Clara.  Everyone is free to bring cookies, or whatever they choose.  It won’t be a wild and crazy time, but since I haven’t been to the meetings in several weeks, it will be nice to see everyone again.  I’ve been lured into a Friday shift at the gym 10am-12, which is the usual MS meeting time.  I’ve already booked next Friday off, so short of a huge disaster, I’ll be there!

The Apple party this year is for all 6000 local staff, so that should be an intimate soirée.  Taking place on the 20th at the San Francisco Science Center, it will be very interesting, especially since we’ve never been there.  Since the normal entrance fee is $35, we’re assuming it is quite an experience.  This will also include transportation, since it is much preferred that none of the precious employees drive drunk!  This means that we’ll get to ride on the B I G silver busses, that normally transport staff that live over half an hour driving time away from their dozen offices here.  These are double decker Greyhound type busses, outfitted with captain’s chairs, flip down desks, tinted windows, and privacy screens.  Oh yes, and the exterior paint is shiny metallic silver, causing them to be dubbed the ‘silver bullets’.  Glenn doesn’t use those buses because we don’t live far enough away;  15 minutes doesn’t qualify!

We just found out that we have permission to rip the old rugs out of this house!  The living/dining room, and the hallway down to the bedrooms, can be replaced with wood.  This will be our Christmas project, and Joy (the homeowner) will buy the wood.  This weekend she will be coming into town, and wants to come by the house.  Hala and Justin will be here as well, at 10am on Sunday.  This means that we have got to do some major cleaning and tidying, as I expect Joy will want a tour.  This means removal of cat and dog hair, to the best of our abilities.  I would like to get the tree up on Saturday, so I can put all of the bins of decorations out in the garage.  After we meet up here, we’ll head over to the store she has chosen to pick the actual wood.  Her house, her choice.  All we care about is to get rid of this old rug!!

Glenn just mentioned to me that the auditorium that is being constructed in the new Apple building will cost $168 million.  Wow.  And we thought it was crazy that it cost the company $100,000 to move us down here!  Wow.

I have GOT to get busy on Christmas cards!  Don’t be surprised if your card arrives in January!


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