THIS is my kind of day!

Slightly overcast, occasional gusts of wind irritating the wind chimes, the scent of rain masking the smell of decaying leaves.  Yeah, I’m in my element.  Sunny days have their place, but given my druthers, I’ll take a more sombre world.  The need for precipitation in a drought stricken world is certainly part of my focus, and now that rain has insinuated itself across the forecast for the next several days, I rejoice.  I certainly value the health of my newly planted perennials, but refilling California’s water reservoirs is a crucial bonus as well.  Every time I pour water from the bottom of my steamer pots down the drain, I cringe, and wince at the deliberate waste of this valuable resource.  I have put my family’s health and well being ahead of this needful waste!

In a perfect world, I’m sure that there is something resourceful I could do with this water, but if so, I’m not aware of it.  I’ve thought of setting it aside in the fridge, and reusing it each time I’m steaming veggies for a meal.  However, my painfully overstuffed refrigerator disagreed with this idea, and mumbled something about the freezer in the garage  being more empty than full.  But how sensible and resourceful would it be to freeze this leftover water, then requiring me to melt it before I could reuse it?  When you factor in the energy wasted performing such a chore, are you not effectively removing the value of the water saved?  Of course, if I was the sort of person that managed to plan my week’s meals out in advance, I could simply remove said ice at the appropriate time to allow it to defrost at room temperature!  This sounds like a wonderful idea for someone who was sufficiently organized to choreograph their lives specifically for the purpose of being water-wise!

That’s not me.

Perhaps it SHOULD be me, but my days are sketched with the pencil of greyscale, as my focus tends to flit from one cool idea to the next.  I frequently tell myself that what I REALLY need to do is make myself a list every morning of the things are need to do that day.  Then, as each item is accomplished, I can cross it off my list!  I’m told that this part of the endeavor provides you with endless warm fuzzies, and the contentment of accomplishment.

Certainly I agree with this idea, and would support it fully by doing this myself.  That is, IF I was sufficiently organized to do such a task, AND if I knew where I had put my coil bound notebook that I had tried to start doing this in, a few months back.  If I could just figure out where I put it, that would be one task I could cross off my list!


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