Professional Clutz

I took two days of the “Don’t fall!” course at the Senior’s Center, and found it was a lot of the same-old same-old, so I withdrew.  One thing was stressed over and over and over and……well, you get it.  “Watch where you are about to walk!”  Pretty simple, very intuitive and common sense advice.  Especially if you DO that!

Today, we were on our way out of the PetCo store, having purchased half a dozen new fish for our recently up-and-running aquarium.  We also chose some plants to put in our 55 gallon tank.  As well, Peter required more dog food, so that was the large heavy item i our cart.

As I turned to leave the store, something caught my eye.  It triggered a flash of memory,  having recently noted that all copies of Peter’s favorite toy are old, and have broken backs.  These much loved things are called ‘squirrels’, as in Flying Squirrels.  Made from either orange or neon green nylon fastened on a plastic frame, these toys are not the last word in durable!  So when the telltale colors caught my eye, I knew I had to go and get one!  I quickly turned, and headed back into the Dog department, and …..


Down I went, head first, smacking my forehead, right elbow, and left knee, on the concrete floor.  I didn’t realize until several minutes later that a cardboard box had been left partially protruding, under the edge of a display banquette,  That was what tripped me, apparently.  As I lay on the floor, I was immediately surrounded by staff and customers, asking if I was okay.  Many offers of help were proffered, but that’s not how I operate.  I HAVE to do it myself, else my center of balance doesn’t return to where it belongs.  That, and I’m a wee bit stubborn.

Within minutes the store manager, a man I didn’t recognize, was barking orders at his minions, wanting to know who was responsible for that box being there.  Honestly, it was no one’s fault, not even the box.  My feet will actively hunt down every little molecule over which I could possibly stumble!  I don’t know how much of this gift I can put on MS, because I have been this way ever since I can remember.   I  can still recall falling on the steps of my elementary school, and being ridiculed by the staff.  I guess my fall wasn’t exactly a swan dive!I

So now, six hours later, my head is softly throbbing, my wrist is stiffening up, and I’m discovering the injuries that have only just started to show up.  Now is the time when I could definitely appreciate on of those ‘walk in bathtubs’!  Somehow, I don’t think the “water police” here would approve of them!


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