A warm rain

After a very, VERY rainy Friday, we had a lovely warm weekend.  Note that I say ‘warm’, and not ‘HOT’, since warm is good gentle comforting and soothing.  Hot is brutal, offensive and intrusive.  Hot is August.  Warm is the tail end of summer, as it quietly slips into fall.  Warm is stunningly beautiful colors of leaves, demonstrating their opinions against a clear blue sky.  Fall waits patiently offstage, contemplating its cue to debut with a rush of cooler air.

We spent Sunday gathering the tools and equipment to get our aquarium up and running again.  A 55 gallon tank came with us from Waterloo, but not all of the former equipment survived the transition.  A new pump, filter, gravel, and lights were on our list, as well as FISH!  This time, we elected to get a larger quantity of smaller fish, focussing on schooling Tetra’s.  We got 5 each of the tiny red/blue fellows, and 5 of the larger black striped ones.  With any aquarium, a cleaner is needed.  We have always had Pleco’s, but have found that they don’t live that long.  This time, we went with a ‘bristly nosed Pleco’, a much smaller cousin of the previous ones with a much better track record for longevity.  By next weekend we’ll be able to add another couple batches of Pleco’s, assuming that the chemistry in the tank is still doing well.  We’d also like to add some plants, something that all the finny occupants will appreciate!

Since Sunday was such a gorgeous day weather-wise, we stopped at a cafe for a late lunch after acquiring our aquarium essentials.  The constant presence of our iPhones means that Glenn always had a camera handy, so he shot me!

Panera Bread cafe

Thinking that it is about time to do some fall yard chores, I was thinking of taking the hummingbird feeders down to wash and store for next spring.  According to the newspaper this morning, the hummers like to stay year round here.  I guess this means that the feeders stay up, and I keep making hummer food.  Luckily, its neither costly nor difficult, so they are in luck.

We were able to find some solar powered light strings, and they were supposed to be installed around the shrubs in the front yard this weekend.  With our running about and sun worshiping, it didn’t happen.  As well, we were supposed to start painting all the bedrooms this weekend, and I am very anxious to see how the new shade looks!  One more thing for the to-do list for next weekend.


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