Kinda creepy….

I was just leaving the Senior’s Center, after my usual Tuesday noon shift.  As I reached for the door handle. I heard a someone call me.  As I turned around, an older gentleman grasped my hand.

“How are you my dear?  Are you not coming to bingo today?  ”

I responded to this fellow, whom I had never seen before, by pulling my hand out of his grasp.

“My time here is in the gymnasium, where I run the computer system.  I’ve never been to the bingo event!”

I then turn and hurried out the door.  He followed me closely, continuing his diatribe.  Noticing that I was heading out of the parking lot, he grabbed my elbow.  Indicating several cars in the lot, he said:

“Did you not bring your car today?  Mine is right over here,”

He seemed to be leading me towards where his car was theoretically parked, but I shrugged his hand off of my arm.   In another few steps, I would reach my car, so I quickened my pace, all the while murmuring that I was tired from my work at the gym.

“I think I should give you a hug,” 

I was startled, and was now getting VERY disconcerted.  RUN, said my brain, but knowing full well that my ability to run these days currently resembles a duck, I didn’t pursue that option!  I told him firmly that he was NOT going to hug me, and pulled my key ring out of my purse aggressively.  At this point, my car was mere steps away.  I quickly ducked into the drivers’ seat. and closed the door.

As I drove home, I wondered WHO this fellow was, and what on earth conspired to make him think that he knew me!  He didn’t appear to be much older than me!  I sure hope that I don’t run into this guy again, when I go in for one of my shifts!  This whole episode really unsettled me.


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