Whale watching trip……..NOT!

Don’t blame the whales.  They may well have been feeling sociable, but at a certain point, we were NOT.  The guides mentioned at the outset that the water was a ‘bit rough’, but since they had managed just fine with the morning tour, they opted to continue on as planned.  Our rough-and-ready fellow passengers were very encouraging, so off we went.

The planned two and a half to three hour trip ended up being cut short.  At the one hour point, when we were nearly to the spot that whales surface, the swells were in excess of seven feet high, and the mid sized craft was lurching violently.  Large walls of water swept determinedly over the bough, soaking one and all intrepid passengers that had opted to stay out on the deck!  The handful of small children on board were quickly fitted with child sized life preservers, for fear they would be easily swept overboard by a rogue wave.

As the dark waters showed no signs of renting in their temper tantrum, the captain realized that the constant thrashing would make whales prefer to stay in the deeper water.  He announced the cancellation of the trip just as half a dozen of us lost our battle with seasickness.  A large bucket was passed around, with a roll of paper towels.  Amazingly, no one expressed disappointment as we turned back to the harbor.

Once back on dry land, the office of the boat line hurriedly handed out refund vouchers, and assured us we would be able to book another trip, or if we were completely turned off of life on the water, we could get a refund.  As for what we’ll do, well, ask me tomorrow, when my stomach isn’t churning!

This little fellow was smarter than the rest of us.  He stuck close to shore, and stuck to grabbing scraps of recently cleaned fish as they were hosed off the fisherman’s bench. pelican


One thought on “Whale watching trip……..NOT!

  1. That’s too bad! Maybe the ocean would be calmer on a summer day! Although personally I want to be on a VERY big SHIP before heading out on open waters! I like dry land, lakes, and rivers! We did experience some scary swells on lake Superior in our little fishing boat and that was enough for me!!!


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