Treating all the good kids

Today, Apple has happily announced record earnings in several categories, so it is obviously time to reward the minions that made this happen.  The Iphone 6 has sold over 25 million units, so many that manufacturing simply cannot keep up with demand.  Any iphones that are produced between now and early 2015 have already been spoken for, sold in advance.  Also, iMacs have sold at an all-time high level, setting more records than had even been anticipated.

Remuneration has always been extremely good at Apple, which is how they manage to recruit and hire the top talent in the industry.  But what isn’t as well known perhaps is the myriad perks, honors and gold stars that these privileged staffers enjoy on a regular basis!

For example, this week Glenn is going to be treated to TWO celebratory events that will include beer and munchies.  The first one takes place on Wednesday, and is for his department.  Beer and snacks will be provided by the company, and will take place in their office.  Thursday’s celebration includes the members of his VP group, and will take place at the new Levi’s stadium, here in Santa Clara.  They will all be transported to the stadium in the big silver busses that are used for collecting and returning staff on the workdays.  They will be picked up at the office, taken to the stadium, and then returned to the office at the end of the celebration.

THEN, on November 7th, he and the other members of his department will be treated to a cruise on San Francisco Bay harbour.  This will be in lieu of a work day, and will return in late afternoon.

No wonder there is a such a reaction from the citizens of Silicon Valley when Apple is mentioned.  When someone asks where my husband works, the reaction is a few seconds of silence, then,

“OH!  Ever cool!  Lucky him!  Wish I could get a job there!”

Apple’s hiring process is very detailed, exceedingly rigorous, and very, very lengthy.  Glenn was first interviewed in October 2013, but didn’t go down for his on-site interview in the time frame they wanted, so missed out on that opportunity.  But the recruiter wasn’t going to give up that easily!

“We have lots and lots of openings for someone with your skill set, so please don’t take this as a rejection!  Look at the job list on the web site, and tell me which sort of roles interest you.”

Everything started over again, with a whole new list of requirements, based on a different job description.  As it turned out, the job that he missed out on was for the position that his manager currently holds!  Glenn considers it to a near miss, since he does NOT want a management role.  He’s having too much fun doing what he loves most:  being an engineer, and getting to play with all the cool toys!


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