For the moment, all is well

Everyone lived through their vet appointment, and is home resting comfortably.  Peter does not have heart worm, so he has started on his flea meds, and will hopefully soon stop biting his legs.  The vet did mention that a couple of his liver values were a bit off, but that might be due to his age.  He is fourteen, which translates to late 80’s in our years!  He’s got cataracts, his hearing is somewhat poor, but he eats well, loves his walks, and competently barks when needed.

Hazel is skinny, SUPER skinny, due to her overactive thyroid gland.  In addition to her twice daily thyroid pills, she is now on flea meds, as well as antibiotics to quiet her reaction to the damage the fleas did while we were at the wedding.  The back of her head and neck are absolutely shredded, which the vet says is almost like an allergic reaction to the fleas.

We also were told that critters need to be on flea prevention medication year round here, due to our ‘Mediterranean climate’.  In Canada, we could count on Mother Nature to deal with these little beasts for half of the year, but not here!  Since our bill from this recent visit came to over $700, this is not very palatable.

We are currently awaiting a visit from our pregnant property manager, Hala, who wants to pick up the brochure we got concerning the replacement of the garage door.  Since I also mentioned our desire to replace the carpet with hardwood, I expect she will want to discuss this in more detail as well.  Hala is about 8 months pregnant with a little girl, so I obligingly picked up some baby gifts, so she’ll get those today too.

In preparation for her visit, we have cleaned and tidied, as well as my ongoing project of decluttering.  Every weekend there is a stain on the rug to deal with, due to feline hairballs.  The vet also told us to get a product to treat the rugs for fleas, otherwise the animal medications are all for naught.

So it is looking like our weekend has been all planned out for us.  Glenn has gotten the aquarium set up, and the water now tests at acceptable levels for fish.  He’d like to find a better quality pet store than PetsMart to buy the fish at, so we’ll be doing some investigating.  As well, he has seen a 50″ TV on sale at Best Buy, and Evan (our tv expert) has given his blessing on the brand, so I expect we will be doing some shopping.  Santana Row is only a couple of blocks away, so we could easily walk there, but carrying a 50″ TV home that way doesn’t seem like a good plan!  He just got a nice bonus from work, so I can see how he is rationalizing this indulgence!


One thought on “For the moment, all is well

  1. That is so funny, I just purchased tickets for Robert and I to go whale-watching for Saturday October 25th from Monterey on a 3-hour excursion. I got a deal on Groupon online for $25 each. We are going to Monterey to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary that weekend! That is where we got married too, so it is special for us this year. I will be taking dramamine too, just in case….hope you and Glenn have fun!


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