The Wedding, Part Two

Bright and early on Saturday morning, I was told to head for the salon for our “bridal makeover”.  This included the parents (sisters, moms and grandmas) as well as the bridal party gals.  Two staff members took us each, one at a time, for hair-do’s and makeup applications.  Meanwhile, the rest of us nibbled on fruit trays and pastries, awaiting our turns.

Despite my protestations, the curling iron quickly turned my short hair into a mass of curls.  Of course, a liberal dose of hairspray helped things behave, but perhaps this is one of the tricks of the trade.  I honestly wasn’t delighted with this new look, especially since the cap of curls looked frighteningly wig-like to me, and spoke of my membership at the Senior’s Center here in Santa Clara!  Nonetheless, I smiled and thanked the artists, remembering that this was Carolyn’s day, NOT mine.  I later noted that her own mother, Karen, did not get HER short hair done the same way.

Time flew by, and soon it was time to get dressed for the ceremony.  I donned my navy lace dress, purchased months earlier for this occasion, careful not to undo any of the work done earlier that day.  Somehow my memories of this dress were not what I saw when I looked in the mirror!  Decidedly disheartened, I shrugged into my light wrap, steeled my determination, and headed out onto the porch where members of the bridal party awaited their cues.

Evan escorted his grandmother to her seat.   about to begin

Karen and Dave had outdone themselves in decorating the yard for this celebration.  Dozens and dozens of pots of chrysanthemums lined the edges of the clearing they had created.  Dried corn stalks were placed strategically every few yards, with lights wrapped around them, giving the whole setting a magical and very special feeling. bride and maids 2

We had practiced the choreography of entering the area of the ceremony, but still there was hesitation and tittering about who was to go where with whom, and when!  We were to be second last in the processional, followed by the bride’s parents.  The bridesmaids followed them, preceded by the bride herself.  The assembled guests murmured as she made her way to the altar, placed directly in front of a stand of bamboo.  the vows

Prior to the beginning of the procession, Dave had handed out Kleenex to anyone that thought they might get teary during the ceremony.  I had demurred, saying that I really wasn’t the type to tear up.  THAT was until I actually saw Ryan tear up while saying his vows to Carolyn.  I bit my lip until I felt the moisture abate!

the signing

The bulk of the formal pictures were taken on the boardwalk of the local beach on Lake Huron.  This was done prior to the ceremony in order to get the best light, and the chilling temperatures as nighttime drew nigh.  I will includethe best of these now.

the bridal partyour groom

settinggrooms guys

You will note that the “groomsmen” are but 2, and the 3rd is a “groomsMAM”!  Long story….old friends.

After the ceremony, the dining and dancing commenced.  It all took place under a HUGE tent, with a temporary solid floor.

The evening was MC’ed by our son Evan, and Ryan’s groomsmam, Taylor.ev mc

Then came the dancing.

It was during this dance that he told me that he and Carolyn were going to last forever, ‘just like you and Daddy. i dance w rynewlyweds!

the littlest guestOur granddaughter Willa, age 2, defiantly stayed awake until 1130pm, despite the help two girls contracted to babysit the little ones for the evening.  She reluctantly sat with them, watching cartoons, nibbling on apple slices, and absolutely refusing to sleep!  A true party animal in the making!

The happy couple are now in Istanbul for a cruise around the Greek Islands. They will disembark in Venice, and eventually make their way back to their day to day life in Ottawa.


5 thoughts on “The Wedding, Part Two

  1. I still liked your dress, and the purple wrap is nice too. If it makes you feel better, next time get one of those Spanx full body armour garments and it will keep everything nice and firm. Mind you, you wouldn’t be able to eat anything putting one of those torture things on!


      1. Well I like the curly, soft look! The hair gals do like their hairspray though don’t they? My hair was the same the next morning as it was when I went to bed the night before!!! Did you notice this??? From what I could see the make up was stunning too! We can all use a wee pick me up from time to time! I bed you are exhausted now though! Try to rest…recoup…


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