Everything is packed……I HOPE!

I ACTUALLY started packing a few days ago, but ended up rethinking, replanning, and resultantly, REPACKING.  The justification for all of this extra effort was to minimize the amount of baggage we would have to take in to either the hotel, or Hutch’s place in Ottawa.  So, in the first bag, went everything we need for decorating the rehearsal dinner hall on Friday.  Also in that bag are all of our toiletries, our casuals for setting up the hall, and dressier things for that evening.  As well, the massive collection of clothes that I have picked up for Willa over the past few months is squeezed into that bulging suitcase!  Also going in to the room tomorrow night is a large, HEAVY suit bag, containing Glenn’s suit, dress pants, two dress shirts, and my dressy things.

We are now at the point of counting down hours.  I know, it’s not MY wedding, far from it!  For me it is the thrill of seeing much loved friends and family members that I may not have seen for many, many months.  The physical distance between California and Ontario adds a multiplier to the aching absence.  Six months plus 3500 kilometers feels more like six YEARS!

Glenn just got an email from United Airlines advising him that I was granted pre clearance, but amazingly, he was not!  Finally!  I will get the special treatment of not having to stand in line, while he … well, I’m sure he’ll get some sort of special exception.

We still have to decide what coats we’ll take with us.  Here,  although it goes down to about ten degrees C at night, it still manages to go up to 25 C during the daytime.  The forecast for Ontario is somewhat different:  Highs of 20 C, drop to 12 at night.  Then, there’s Ottawa!  Lows of 7 C only rise to 15 C during the day! Looks like our week away will be a taste test of various climatic zones.

The BIG excitement here, In California, is our first big rainfall of the autumn.  This is how the media leads in to the breaking news, at least.  The actual facts say that we have but a 30% chance of rain, in the northern part of the peninsula.  In other words, it might rain in San Francisco, but unlikely anywhere else.  Woo hop.

Assuming that the forecast rain isn’t torrential, we are scheduled to leave from SFO at 1130am tomorrow.  Part of me really doesn’t know what to hope for…..


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