Random, disorganized packing has begun

I started out well, with the customary lists, under standard category headings.  Then, to insure completeness, I made supplementary lists, detailing numbers of clothing items per day.  The idea was that when the actual pull-and-place of packing began, it would simply be a matter of taking items off of hangers, folding them neatly using packing boards, and slipping them into one of our large wheeled tote bags.

Perhaps in a perfect world, that IS how it should work.  Unfortunately, in my mental file cabinet there are far too many categories, each with all manner of sub-titles and hyphenated points.  Whilst I am mentally searching through my boxes of clothes, I often come across the missing items that I haven’t seen since we arrived in California but I am sure were packed.  Things on this list include my older plastic framed glasses, and some lightweight cardigans that would come in SO handy now that cooler weather is on the horizon.

We have been warned that Ontario is well into its fall state of mind, providing temperatures that we haven’t dealt with since we left our homeland.  That being the case, my standard daily uniform of capri’s and sandals has not been invited on this trip.  This has necessitated plunging deep into the long-pants section of the closet, only to learn that the bulk of my wardrobe for this article of clothing consists of my beloved ‘Wilson’s’, trademark of Tabi, which closed down nearly ten years ago.  I know that my sentimental self will NOT allow me to relegate them to the donations bag, so perhaps it is time to simply round them up and move them into one of the other closets, to be re-discovered another day.

This brings me back to my top-half problem.  The current style is for longer tops, tunics, ideal for wearing with the new ‘skinny pants’.  I was at least forward minded enough to pick up a couple pair of these pants, but now to search through the top half of my closet.  Yesterday I was able to sort out a couple of blouses that will NOT work for this fall, and they don’t have the sufficient length to cover the issues uncovered by the aforementioned skinny pants.  In other words, they would cover my navel, but not much south of that!  And THATis where much of a woman’s evil nemesis’s lies, in the form of the post-baby-belly.

After hunting, measuring, switching and swapping, I have compiled a selection of tops that I THINK will work with these new skinny pants.  Besides, how many people are going to be looking at me?  I’m just the groom’s mom!  That should pretty much guarantee me a sidelines role in these MUCH anticipated festivities!


3 thoughts on “Random, disorganized packing has begun

  1. It’s cold today! Hat and mitts required! Well…maybe not that cold. The week is warming up however and it looks like the weekend will be just lovely in time for the wedding! What day are you leaving to head back here?


    1. We leave Thursday morning this week, at 11am, from San Francisco airport, fly direct to Toronto. We’ll head up to Ottawa Sunday, arriving late evening at my brother’s place in Pakenham. Then, we have to head back to Toronto on Wednesday, so we can get thru our visa screening. Glenn has been granted an H1B visa, which will allow us to apply for joint citizenship eventually.

      Yesterday, I couldn’t stay awake, and spent the day yawning. Today is a bit better, but not significantly! I have an appt for a haircut at 3pm, but will have to leave a bit early due to not really knowing where the salon is!

      zzzz…. How heavy do we need to have for coats?



      1. A good solid fall coat! It is warming up into the mid 20’s for the weekend but the nights will be cool…
        I am wearing socks…turning my e blanket on at night…but hat and mitts was a smidge overkill! hehehehe!


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