As time creeps ever closer to the big wedding, I was unprepared for the venue chosen for the rehearsal dinner to come up with a potential glitch.  I guess this was a good demonstration of why one should never step back, admire one’s work, and sigh with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Out of the blue, I received a confirmation email from the Best Western in Kincardine, Ontario, supposedly reiterating the arrangements we made.

I am just confirming your rehearsal dinner for Fri. Sept. 26 we are going to open your buffet to the hotel and you will still have your private room and your appetizers will be all for your room but the buffet will be in a common area I just wanted to give you a heads up on that. If you have any questions please just let me know.

 WHAT??  This is NOT what we had arranged, and certainly NOT what we wanted!  We had given them the $3000 downpayment weeks ago, and now this?  The buffet was SUPPOSED to be in the room where we would hold the dinner, not in some potentially distant location!  Obviously, I needed to respond.
I am MOST UPSET by this new information!  We were NOT expecting to have this buffet OUTSIDE of the reserved room!  Moreover, we were NOT advised that this could even possibly be the arrangement!  We were given to understand that the main meal buffet would be IN the room where the guests will be seated.  This would easily enable our guests to serve themselves, without separating themselves from the others.
 As well, since most of our guests are young adults, the likelihood for them wanting additional servings is high, especially if the food is as scrumptious as we had understood.  Several of our guests are senior citizens, and one individual suffers from a physical disability.  How would these guests manage to carry platefuls of food from the public buffet back to our private room?  Having to transit this additional distance to the ‘common area’ would be quite impossible for our guests with frailties!
This new arrangement is most definitely NOT acceptable to my husband OR myself, and surely would not be so for our guests.  I trust that you will ensure that the original arrangements pursuant to our agreement are reinstated, and that you will advise me of such forthwith.
I had my response first thing the next morning.
I am very sorry for upsetting you it was merely a suggestion we have no problem giving you the private room with the buffet in it so no problem everything will be arranged as previously decided.
Imagine the audacity of them trying to mess with the plans we had made so long ago,  and now with JUST TWO WEEKS before the event!  Anyone not already having anxiety issues would definitely be pushed with this, the crowning blow!  Luckily, things look calm cool and collected throughout the family……so far.

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