Last weekend, for our exploration sensation,  we went to Muir Woods, to visit THE redwoods.  These are the most gigantic of trees, reaching for the sky and appearing to touch it with their leafy boughs.  In many cases, these trees are also very, very old, living through hundreds, nay thousands of years.  For example, the trees that we visited today started out as tiny gum ball sized cones around the time that Columbus was sailing in search of the New World.  Now, they are these wooden monoliths that would definitely make a sound when they were felled.  DSCN0173

As we entered the forest, there was a small sign that suggested silence to be better able to hear the sounds of nature.  All of the small things whisper to each other as they go about their day, so it is best to be quieter than they are.  In this somewhat hallowed world, time stands at attention, endowing these giants with the respect they have earned.  

To best be able to enjoy this sanctuary it would be wise to visit on a weekday, since weekends mean crowds, and crowds generally include small children.  Given that the trail around the park is several miles long, the crying and tantrums were completely understandable.  The wee segment of the population fails to be awed by this collection of trees of historical proportions, and doesn’t hesitate to voice their displeasure.

 So much for silence!



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