Apparently, Jello is NOT the only thing that jiggles!

Silicon Valley also jiggles.  I know this for a fact!  Even though the epicenter was about an hour and a half north of here, in California’s wine barrel, Napa.  With a reading on the Richter Scale of 6.0, you can be sure some of those valuable barrels smashed on the dirt floors of the store houses.  No wonder the Governor of California declared a state of emergency!  

There were over 170 people injured, and scores of buildings badly damaged.  I expect we’ll start hearing about dollars-and-cents losses within days, but for now, we have to settle for seeing security camera clips of what the quake did when we weren’t watching.   Last evening, all the evening shows on our local channel were cancelled in favor of running endless news reels,  and showing the physical damage in various parts of Napa. There was also several interviews with random citizens living near the epicenter, most of whom were still wide eyed with shock.

It has now been nearly 48 hours since the ‘shakedown’.  Family and friends have all been notified and reassured.  I expect there will be a continuing line of casual conversation beginning with “Did you feel it?”.  Since it hit at about 3am, there really isn’t need for questioning where one was at that moment.  For any of us that were NOT in bed at this hour, well, I really don’t want to know WHERE you were, nor what you were doing!  This could make the “did you feel it” question a bit awkward, in these select situations as well!

Enough said.  I’ll stop here, else I’ll be just as guilty of overworking a subject as …… 


One thought on “Apparently, Jello is NOT the only thing that jiggles!

  1. Well, now I will for sure remember that you live in Santa Clara and not Santa Rosa! When I googled the location where I thought you lived, my mouth fell open. SR is mighty close to Napa. Thank goodness all is well for you and Glenn and that you just jiggled and didn’t break!


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