first few days home……

As I had said, he arrived home before noon on Wednesday August13th. After a quick lunch, he slipped into his usual dazed doze, only surfacing very briefly to have a cup of tea. He did manage to wake up for dinner, but was back to his semi-conscious state by 8pm. He makes quite a production of getting his computer out, and installing it on his lap, but its all a ruse. Before long his head starts to loll, eventually resting on his shoulder.

This has been the scene on his first day home, just as it was on his return day from his last trip to China. The difference this time was that this lasted several days post return! Even today, Sunday August 17th, he is closing his eyes on a regular basis, and his energy level is a negative number.

He told me that even the fellows he travelled with this time were taken aback at the length of his stay. They all agreed that a week was bad, and ten days was really pushing it, but two and a half weeks… way! He also mentioned that everyone seemed to be feeling the pressure and the time crunch this time around. There was no group dinners at the local restaurants, since everyone seemed to be staying at the factory til after 9pm. Light meals quickly eaten at the hotel’s food service, and probably some room service, seemed to be the routine this time.

Luckily, his Chinese visa has run out. This means that he will be unable to travel there until this document is renewed. He swears that he’ll not be asking to have it renewed any time soon, but that may not be up to him. In any case, he’s not going to be heading that way until October at the earliest. With Ryans wedding coming up in just 5 weeks, I’m feeling a bit more secure.


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