Feeling abandoned

Finally, the end is in sight! He will arrive back in SFO San Francisco on Wednesday morning, after having been in Shanghai for almost 3 weeks. But this is not what has given me the feeling of abandonement…

It is the fact that my neurologist at the London Health Sciences Center, has not sent my files to my new doctor, in San Francisco. At least, they haven’t sent them to the correct address. They claim that they sent both my MRI’s and the files themselves, on disks, via mail, to the address they had. Unfortunately, I’m unaware of what address that was, but it certainly wasn’t the correct one.

Now, the group in London is not returning calls, despite the person in charge of files for Dr Goodin having called repeatedly. They already ignore MY calls!

Unfortunately, this will mean that I will involuntarily be dropped off of the drug trial for my MS medication. I have been on Fingolimod, now called Gilenia, since day one of the drug trial, approximately five years ago.


2 thoughts on “Feeling abandoned

  1. At the very least why didn’t the London neuro contact the Dr. in San Fran? What a mess! I hope this doesn’t cause you serious probs physically!


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