HOT time in the valley!

The one thing that I had nightmares about, the thing I was terrified would happen, DID.  My air conditioner has gone on leave, as in it has failed in its main purpose in life, as in it was 83F all day yesterday in this house!  Central air is not an adjective that this house can comfortably claim, at least as of yesterday!  I actually am not really certain when this MUCH needed device failed to proceed, since I am just generally hot all the time!  That isn’t bragging, that’s just a statement of temperate fact.

Barb came over and had a look-see at the thermostat, Glenn advised from China, and Justin the property manager finally touched base with me, giving me step by step advice.  Nothing did any good.  The only way I was able to get the temperature down was by opening every window and door I could, to take advantage of the much cooler night air.  That is California’s saving grace:  the temperature variance, where an afternoon temperature of 90F at 1pm can be coaxed away by an evening temperature of 75F by 7pm.  

When I got up at 7am, the thermostat said that the set point of 74F was also the actual temperature in the house.  Even though it would like to claim otherwise, the air conditioner gets NO credit for this reduction.  All credit goes to the daily temperature variance, and the fact that I opened every window and door that I could, to let that deliciously cool air in.  Luckily, it came in, and chased out the cobwebs of heat, making the house moderately comfortable, for now.

Justin is on his way over, to make sure that I crossed all of the t’s and dotted the i’s.  Then, he will call their HVAC contractor, to do a professional evaluation of the situation.  Once again, I am reminded of the joys of renting, as opposed to home ownership.  It really IS nice having these situations be someone else’s problem, financially, at least!  It gives me time to feel sorry for myself, and baby my sore hand and wrist, courtesy of my latest tumble.


13 thoughts on “HOT time in the valley!

  1. We need to compare ‘bobo’s’! You should see my ankles and legs. These parts of me show my falls on a regular basis! Good thing I don’t care to wear shorts in the summer when out in public! Why are we falling so much?


  2. Some would say drunk and disorderly, but I think not. Yesterday’s adventure for me was me tripping over the edge of the front step as I hurried to get inside before any cats escaped. Add to that an exhausting day battling the 32F heat, and therein lies a perfect storm.

    I have an appt this afternoon to get my eyes checked, since I’ve noticed my close up (reading) vision isn’t doing well. Frequent sweat running into my eyes doesn’t help! Distance I think I’m still okay….

    Our property manager came by after lunch and fixed the AC. It had blown a fuse, literally. He also gave me a new phone # I can call, night or day, when something isn’t right. These two are a fairly young couple, new to the property management business, and are anxious to earn a gold star, as my old stats prof would say.

    I sure miss being able to pop by for a cuppa….


    1. Great that the AC is up and running! I can also blame my animals to some degree for my falls…usually the dogs are trying to ‘door dash’ and get outside ahead of me! I am working hard at training but their excitement get’s too much for them sometimes! And the cats…don’t get me started…they HATE me! They are constantly zipping by underfoot. I think they want me to fall down the stairs and then they can have the run of the house while I recuperate!


  3. Thank goodness your A/C will be fixed soon. It’s hard to function properly without it and zaps our energy as we are all aware!

    How often do you take these tumbles my friend?


  4. I’m doing okay. whacked my knee pretty bad last weekend, and it is still very sore. Decided to accept my fate, so I now walk Pete morning and night w my new walker. I feel a bit like a fake, but I know I m not. It makes me feel more confident when I walk.

    I am really missing the old guy, esp since this is the longest he’s been away. I talk to him online, and he’s hoping to come home on Tues or Weds.

    G ordered me a personal safety system, in the form of a rubber watch-like thing, that links to my iphone. Unfortunately, I have lost said watch, but it also came with a dongle that hangs on a chain. Now, all I have to do is buy a chain!

    SO tired! Fatigue is huge these days, prob because I am trying to keep really busy so I don’t notice his absence. I have signed up for a little class at the senior’s gym that is supposed to help you NOT fall. We’ll see…

    Hope you and yours are all well. Looking forward to seeing you next month!



    1. My poor laptop got ‘baptized’ by Alf, so has been down and out. Yes, I can use my ipad, but can’t type on it like I can on the laptop! I even have a keyboard on this, but it is a different ratio, so typos happen far too often.

      All if fairly well. The old guy is home, but dozes off every time I look at him. Jet lag hits him hard. Plus this trip was especially stressful, to say nothing of L O N G. I spent two and a half weeks trying not to notice his absence, with mixed success.

      Still no progress on getting the files from the neuro in London. I’m going to take another approach: the neuro that I’m supposed to see here is giving a presentation at alocal restaurant for MS’ers, and I’m going to attend, ie; crash. Since he wont officially see me without those pesky records, he’ll have to meet me on a more casual front. Plus, I’m going to compose a letter to him, describing why he should relent and give me an appt. I am a statistic that he should want to be including in his research! With 5 of us in my family with clinically diagnosed MS, and 3 others that I know of with autoimmune disorders, we could be a dissertation all on our own! Wish me luck, the dinner is tomorrow night.

      See you soon!



      1. Geez I hope this does not affect your Gilenya! And yes I cannot type worth beans on my IPAD either…always messing up! Glad to hear all is well!


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