Day One…

of my single mom lifestyle!  The limo came to pick him up at 930am, but was an hour early.  As a result, he REFUSED to go out, until his appointed 1030am time.  I don’t know who he thought he was being nice to;  the poor driver sat out in the hot car waiting for him, and the protracted departure was not a fun time for me.  I went out, and invited the poor fellow in, to have a cup of coffee or a cold drink, but he, the black suit, buttoned up white shirt, and snugly done up tie, refused to leave the car.  I even offered to bring something out to him, but he demurred, saying that it wasn’t allowed.  Obviously a new employee!

It is hideously hot here right now, with temps dancing around 30C.  My only consolation is that the weather in Shanghai includes temps around 34C, with thunderstorms, courtesy of the typhoon.  Barb has invited me to head into nearby Los Altos on Monday, as she needs to visit a jewelry store in the downtown area.  It will be something different for me, as I’ve not explored that particular area. The down side is that it is in the downtown area, so we’ll be out in the heat!  It is losing allure by the minute!

Luckily, I have most of the week already planned, since I have shifts at the gym on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Each day is only 2-3 hours, but I like to add on a short workout while I’m there.  Lately, I have been targeting spending 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer each day, but I just couldn’t accomplish that on Thursday.  My right leg cramped so badly I had to stop after 3 minutes!  Sandy would be disgusted with me!  

Looking at the calendar, I’m taken aback to discover that Ryan’s wedding is just two months away!  I’m sure that both he AND Carolyn are counting the minutes, but I do hope that they realize that this period of time is precious.  I vaguely recall those months leading up to my wedding, but only vaguely!  That time period was tainted by the horrors I had with my employer for the few months prior to the ceremony.  I was also still grieving the loss of my beloved grandma, just a few months before.  What a time it was!

I am very much looking forward to meeting up with my gals while we are in Ottawa!  Since Di would like us to come for lunch one of the days we are in town, our evenings are open!  I’m hoping that they will choose a day that we can all get together, so I can firm up other plans.  Since we have to be back in Toronto on Wednesday evening, allowing us to be up early for our appointment with US Customs Thursday morning,  So, this means that we’ll only have Monday and Tuesday evenings available to party with our buddies!  With traveling all this distance, it is a shame that we won’t have much time to trace our old footsteps!






5 thoughts on “Day One…

  1. Monday evening works for me! If I keep my same customer service rep schedule in the fall, I will be working 3:30-7:30pm on Tues & Wed.
    I will e-mail our “gals” & “guy” to see what they think, as it seems if I don’t plan something nothing will get arranged! Just sayin’…. I also happen to be the one that works 3/4 time.


  2. Thank you for being The One! You’ve always been that for me, anyway…. 🙂

    I’ll happily mark our Monday evening as SOLD, and will allocate the rest of our two and a half days as it comes. On my to-do list there is stopping in and visiting Mark, stopping in on Frank @ Carlingwood, having time with my bro in Packenham (since they are letting us crash there!).

    Perhaps we could do the fajita thin gee we talked about last time?



  3. Other than a complete meltdown, literally, I’m okay. Damn, it is SO hot! 32C, and my air conditioner doesn’t seem to be coping too well!

    I’ve got to call the property manager, and get her/him to pop over and take a peek!


    1. oh for sure! that kind of heat settling in the house is awful! You know how we Ottawans NEED our AC at points during the summer! You probably aren”t sleeping too well I imagine!


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