Another Colonoscopy over and done with!

Due to having a close relative die from colon cancer, Glenn gets the honor of having a colonoscopy every 3 years.  I don’t know if he dreads the exam itself as much as the prep for it.  Drinking the “Moviprep”, the nasty liquid that clears out everything you’ve eaten since kindergarten is the WORST, according to friends and family that have had the honor.  

The liquid has no deliberate flavor, but definitely has a less than desirable taste.  Glenn called it chemically, a friend said it was salty, others commented on a metallic taste.  Flavouring can be added if desired, so I picked up a package of Crystal Lite in a fruit punch flavor.  Even that didn’t help it become more palatable!

Since he is a stickler for rules, he followed the instructions in the Moviprep box to the letter.  He drank nothing but the solution after 5pm last evening, and had nothing but a bit of water during the day.  As a result, he was somewhat dehydrated.  This made starting an IV on him extremely difficult for the nurses in the pre-op unit.  Add that to the fact that he has donated over 70 pints of blood in his lifetime, and he was a challenge.  As a result, he was delayed going into the procedure room, so the person that was scheduled to go in AFTER him was taken before him.  This meant that he was sitting in the prep room for an hour and a half, undoubtedly fretting.

Luckily, once the IV was in and running, he was scoped quickly and efficiently.  The report said that he was ‘clean’ except for some small ‘diverticulus’.  These are small pockets in the lining of the large intestines that can get clogged with material and become infected, as in ‘diverticulitis’.  They are not harmful in themselves, other that their tendency to clog up.  This is why a diet high in fibre is really the only treatment for this condition, as well as drinking lots of fluid.  

The doctor pronounced Glenn good to go, no pun intended, I hope!  He doesn’t need to have another ‘procedure’ for five years.  


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