WISH I had my phone with me!

When I was walking Peter, my senior Border Collie, he became very distracted.  It was the dog on the opposite sidewalk that captured his attention, and he had mesmerized her focus as well!  She could have been his twin, except for size and color.  I know, some twin!

SHE is a 4 year old Border Collie and chocolate lab mix, named Bree.  She had identical marl (freckles on the snout in the same color as the coat), a band of white on her chest, the same type of tail that  sweeps dishes off of a low table.  Bree had the same sort of behavior as Peter exhibits when meeting another pup:  excited tail wagging, suddenly sitting obediently, with goofy dog smiles on their faces!  

The obvious difference between these two is their coloring:  Peter is the traditional black and white  color, whereas Bree is the less common brown and white mix.  Since she has one parent that was a pure Border Collie, but the other parent was a chocolate lab.  

After the two dogs had the chance to meet, rub noses, and do the customary butt-sniff, we parted.  Bree is owned by a 5 year old boy and family, and it was already past bedtime.  Separating the two dogs required some fairly firm tugs, but they quickly turned their attention to the rest of their evening walks.  

“Out of sight out of mind”, or so we assume!


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