Lazy Day

Sunday afternoon is the last chance to have a meaningful weekend.  For example, on Friday afternoon, before the weekend has even announced itself, my mind likes to scroll through the list of possibilities that could be the focus of this undefined space in time.  

Could we accomplish something in the garden?  Perhaps, if only it wasn’t so hot, but the high for today has been achieved by 3pm.  

How about (finally) painting the bedrooms?  I could be inspired, if only the paint that Hala got for us was the silver grey shade that we asked for!  Sadly, she bought plain white!  Even though it would serve to cover the mismatched cotton-candy pink, plain white is not what I envisioned!

Straightening up the garage (aka ‘storage room) is perennially on the to-do list, but obviously is pretty much ignored.  It is a testament to the lack of a basement here!  In fact most California houses lack basements, although I really don’t understand why.  Glenn figures that it is because of the climate here.  The lack of ‘permafrost’, like we had in Canada, means that houses do not need to be anchored to the ground with concrete.  Since the houses here just basically sit on the ground, they are MUCH cheaper to build.   What builder doesn’t want to take advantage of that little perk?

This morning, we were able to cross off other malingering chores, like taking returns back to Macy’s.  I really like this store, since they make returns SO simple and straightforward!  I have taken to having my receipts emailed, so that I always have a copy of them.  Unfortunately, I have just started doing this, but the items I was returning today had traditional receipts, which I couldn’t find!  I was concerned, but figured that things were not going to get any better by delaying.  Luckily, this company has dingbat proofed their system!  When I said that I couldn’t find the receipt, the clerk said “No problem.  Just slide the credit card, and the system will find it.”  Sure enough, up popped the receipt!  Now THAT is customer service!

When Glenn stopped into our favorite garden shop last week, he picked up a couple of Bougainvilleas.  All of their plants had been reduced to half price, so at the ridiculous price of $5 each, I now have two ‘boogies’, in a deep cerise shade.  One was planted in the backyard this morning, and the other is slated to be out front, at the corner of the garage and the front sidewalk.  These beauties prefer full sun, and grow to 15′ tall.  They are covered with blooms all summer, and only require a sip of water, once they are established.  They are often seen hanging over the tops of fences along the main highways here, making the tedious drives more beautiful!  They come in many colors, including white, pale pine, deep pink, and red.  boogie!

I also notice that our much loved orange tree doesn’t want us to grieve when this crop begins to vanish for this year.  On the same tree as the giant orange globes that we have been enjoying, are dozens upon dozens of small dark green orbs.  Thank you, orange tree!


baby oranges


3 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. Gee what’s the point of teaching if she can’t slow it down! She was showing off I think! heheheh There are a ton of REALLY good lessons on You Tube for knitting though…very clear!


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