We had a great day yesterday in Monterey and Seaside, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The very best part was meeting up with Bonnie and family, on their extended visit from Chetumal, Mexico. Located on the border with Belize, their latest home is excruciatingly hot, with regular temperatures in the 120F range. They can’t even cool off with a dip in the ocean there, since the water is the temperature of bath water, but MUCH less sanitary.

With her husband Jorge, she was taking an extensive tour of California, meeting up with as many friends and family as possible. Accompanying them were their daughter Ashley, and her partner Mari. I was quite pleased to see how at ease everyone was with Ash and Mari, since not everyone could accept their unique arrangement, even in 2014. Bonnie’s late father, George, would never be as open minded and accepting, but then he wasn’t an open minded fellow at the best of times!  My own family had their own skeletons that Mom told me about when I was a young adult. Apparently, there was a great deal of suspicion that my grandfather, Sydney, was a closet gay, but he couldn’t even accept it himself.

The gradual move towards accepting those that find love within their own kind can only be a positive. There has been FAR too much misery and sadness over the centuries, when men prefer men, and women prefer women. What is so wrong with this? I’m sure the ultra religious amongst us would pull some random passage out of the Bible to scandalize same sex relationships, but this just causes more hurt and emotional pain. Not being a particularly religious person myself, I prefer to think that the goodness found in ones own self should not be labelled, based on sexual beliefs. To me, love is love, and the choice of a life partner should not be bracketed by people other than each individual themselves.



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