sweet, juicy oranges….

sweet, juicy oranges....

Our favorite noon lunch consists of sliced oranges, recently plucked from our constantly productive backyard tree. All that needs to be done is a light wash in cool clean water, then these juicy orbs are ready to be sliced, pulled apart by hand, and slurped loudly! Although the sticky residue on your chin belies your appetite, this healthy indulgence isn’t a sin in anyone’s book!


2 thoughts on “sweet, juicy oranges….

  1. They really are quite amazing: much larger than I was used to, much sweeter, and extremely juicy! At least, that’s the way they normally are! Problem is, they are now getting a bit elderly, so the odd one is NOT as juicy, but most still are.

    The really odd thing is that the tree keeps producing! Even now there are hundreds of little green oranges, interspersed with their orange compatriots. I guess these green ones are the ones that made the awesome orange blossom scent when we first arrived here, in mid March!

    I really don’t know what the ‘season’ is for these massive oranges, but I admit to be shocked to see these little green dudes showing up on a tree already heavily laden with mature fruit.

    Wish I could send you some, but Canada customs would not be pleased with me!

    For what its worth, I have NEVER been able to find friends as wonderful as my girls, so I am perpetually missing all of you, especially YOU, dear bestie!


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