This evening, while I listened to the muted mumbling melody playing on the neighbor’s boom box, I had company.  three hummingbirds duked it out over access to the feeder we hung near the back door.  Since those little birds move SO fast, it is hard to do the academic thing, and identify their species.  However, with continued study, I was able to determine that my hummer buddies this evening weren’t all intent on battling.

Two of them were definitely antagonistic, but the third MUCH smaller one, was more intent on the available food source.  She was a tiny little grey morsel, who was allowed to feast on the syrup til replete.  The other two fellows, much larger than she, zipped hither thither and yon, only pausing periodically to butt heads.  Periodically, they would shirk over to the feeder to check on her tiny Ladyship.  This  would inevitably cause her to pause her feasting, and join their hectic dance.  

By now the cloak of evening is slowly settling on the yard.  Bit by bit, one by one, the birds and the bees all disappear into the dark.  The silence gently relaxes the day into sleep.  


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