Tweaking the plans

After having finalized the plans for the rehearsal dinner, we have really upset the apple cart!  After doing lots of investigating, and deciding how and where the rehearsal dinner would be held, we have collapsed, and taken the wimps way out.  Originally, we were having the chosen restaurant cater the event,  with the dinner being held at the oldest building in town.  It has been lovingly renovated by local craftspeople, so this seemed like a fitting locale.  The restaurant folk were quite keen, as the Walker House seems to have a sentimental hold on the residents of Kincardine.  

Anna was happy to be our intermediary, our local rep to help things go smoothly.  Unfortunately, the more investigating she did, the more kinks that were found that could bring our plans crashing down around us.  Since we are sitting in California, we would have NO control of the organizing, and all the various parties that would need to be choreographed into a smooth running machine, in order to make this event as special as it needs to be.  I think of the rehearsal dinner as the underpinning of the wedding, so its success gives the entire weekend a more relaxed, easy feel.  

On the advice of several supportive partners, our intricate plans have been ditched.  We are now going with the rehearsal dinner evening, all being organized and conducted by the Best Western Inn in Kincardine.  This means that our job for the event will consist mainly of choosing.  We’ll need to choose the colors of the table linens, the flowers for on the tables, the format of the meal (buffet, or plated), food choices, bar (open or cash, wine on tables?), any additional decor, etc. etc.

In a sense, I’m a bit disappointed.  I was looking forward to decorating the old Walker House for the occasion, with all of its gorgeous dark woodwork as a foil for the rich warm autumn colors.  

Fall has always been my favorite season.  It is the time of bringing in the harvest, cutting and stacking firewood, the scent of roasting dinner, and a fire in the hearth warming one.  I guess I’m a diehard northerner, as my fondest memories of my recent past are of the cottage in Buckham’s Bay, where we had such wonderful late  autumn days.

The scent of a wood fire burning would start up on Thanksgiving weekend, and continue through most chilly evenings as winter moved in.  One time, when the boys’ families both came down for the holiday weekend, they helped Glenn cut several of the dead trees in the back of our yard.  The chainsaw whirred and ground through logs over a foot thick, creating a large haphazard pile.  On the second day, the oversized chunks of wood once again met with the chainsaw, as they were cut into pieces that would fit either in our fireplace or our basement wood stove.  Soon, I was able to start to ferry these pieces to garage, or as much as would fit there!  The bulk of it didn’t fit, so had to cuddle up to the side fence, covered with a tarp to stop it from becoming frozen into a solid mass.  The others gathered all of the smaller sticks and bark pieces that littered the yard, and found an old steel drum in the forest to create a smoker, to dispatch the late season mosquitos that wanted to keep us company!  It also made a great spot to cook a few hot dogs, to keep us going!

I digress.  The general manager of the hotel is supposed to contact me tomorrow, and arrange to send me the information package that contains all of the details I’ll need to decide on for the evening.  I console myself with this bit of control that I was able to hand on to, and look forward to receiving this package.  I just hope that this new plan for the dinner doesn’t disappoint Carolyn and Ryan.  Their whole weekend  has been so carefully planned for so long, I would hate to be the one responsible for a let down in any way, shape or form!


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