I’ve got (a) class!

Out of sheer boredom, and nothing-to-do ness, I’ve signed up for a quick class on Knitting 101.  Yes, I learned to knit billions of years ago, undoubtedly in my single digits, but I’m no longer conversant with the art form.  Since MS and advancing years have messed with my hand-eye coordination, to say nothing of my memory, I signed up for a beginner class at my local Michael’s store, starting next week. It won’t exactly keep me out of the stores, but it will at least restrict my choices!   Since it is a mid day mid week class, I’m fairly sure of being with old folks like myself, as opposed to youth.

This class cost me $20, and I’ve got to provide the needles and yarn.  I think I can face this expense.  This particular class shows me how to knit a headband, something I’ve got little interest in but it at least gets me started.  In my mind’s eye, I picture myself knitting mittens for cold little hands that wouldn’t otherwise have warmth, and donating them to one of the many charities in our area.  For such a wealthy area, there is SO much abject poverty, homelessness, and hunger, that it is embarrassing.  Of course, my thinking includes the deep bone-chilling cold that I’m more used to in the Ottawa Valley.  Having not yet gone through a winter here, I may be adding drama where none is warranted.  Maybe one doesn’t need mitts here, even in the ‘winter’!  I suspect however that the variant in temperatures might cause folks here to shiver and search for warm clothing even when we would be wearing light coats bare-handed!  After all, last winter brought a FROST, something with which the local are completely unfamiliar.

I’m figuring it would be something else to do in the evenings when watching TV, that doesn’t involve a computer sitting on my lap!  I grit my teeth when I see Glenn, sitting at breakfast, wearing ear buds, with an iPhone on his left, and an iPad  on his right.  The two devices beep intermittently, sounding like they are in a debate, but I’m told that they are both giving him the same information, just at different speeds.  You’d wonder about the necessity of this redundancy!  I figure that one is saying ‘…seriously?’, while the other is saying ‘SERIOUSLY!!’.  

So what happens when on some apocalyptic day they give differing information, like ‘nukes dropped’ and ‘peace talks continue amicably’?  Do we run for cover, or just buy more Apple stock?

In this morning’s newspaper that I defiantly ordered, there was a snippet saying that Blackberry is ‘almost’ profitable once again, according to CEO John Chen.  Good on them!  I’d hate to think of what would happen to Waterloo if they crashed one final time!  I’m just glad we no longer own real estate there, as that arena is always the first to reflect hard times.

At risk of being a party-crasher, I sent a note to Karen, my daughter-in-law to be’s Mom, asking if I could get in on the getting makeup and hair done festival on the wedding day.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have done so, judging by the lack of response I’ve gotten.  In all honesty, I understand completely;  this is HER day, to be with HER friends and female family, and adding a mother-in-law to the mix just sours the cream.  After my dear friend Bev told me about what a wonderful experience it way to be fussed over and primped before the ceremony, I just barged my way in to the their family plans.  I didn’t intend to be intrusive!  I’m just not from the area where the wedding is being held, so I don’t know where to go to arrange for these services for myself.  I guess that going on-line and googling is going to be my best hope!



2 thoughts on “I’ve got (a) class!

  1. The only thing I’ve knit was a 4″x4″ green square when I was 5 or 6 yrs old. I sewed 2 sides together and made a hat for my doll! Woohoo!!! Sounds like your headband is similar in complexity, hahaha! BTW pleeeease stop referring to yourself as “old”! You are NOT old. Where is the old-attude coming from??? Is it the “fresh” California air?


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