In a perfect world

At the suggestion of my GP, I tried to get an appointment with my neurologist-to-be, Dr Goodin, at UCSF.  Dr Dave isn’t impressed with my history of tumbles in the past couple of weeks, so he’d like to have a neurologist explain WHY.  I told him that I already was lined up with Dr Goodin, so he would be the obvious choice for me to see.   However, my files, theoretically sent by Dr Kremenchutzky at the London Health Sciences Center, are no-shows.  Anne, the nurse in charge of the drug trial, swears that she faxed my files AND sent the discs with the MRI’s on them via snail mail.  They were sent several weeks ago, to the University of California at San Francisco, attention Dr Goodin.  Sounds simple, and oh-so straightforward, right?


My files are somewhere in the upper atmosphere, probably on the other side of the ‘brown layer’ for which San Francisco is so famous.  Meanwhile, without these files in the hands of Dr Goodin’s Records Administrator, named Jewelry, I cannot get an appointment to see the doctor.  Even though I am the fifth member of my immediate family to be diagnosed with MS, and even though I am more than willing to undergo genetic testing to further knowledge of the inheritability of autoimmune disorders, I am patient non gratta at UCSF without paperwork.

In my discussions with Jewelry (I kid you not) about my missing paperwork, she suggested that it might be worthwhile to ensure that London has the NEW address for the MS clinic at UCSF.  Since I don’t have any records of precisely when (to the day) I initially contacted Dr Goodin’s office or at what phone number, including extensions (mea culpa), she wonders whether or not this all took place before the move.  Move?  It was actually just a shuffle, she said, doctors that traded offices, clinics that swapped space, that sort of thing.  

“I’m sure that if files ended up on the wrong doorstep, they’d get sent over to the proper owners, right?”

Yup, in a perfect world……  

Meanwhile, in the world of minions like me, I’m wondering why I haven’t heard from the Santa Clara Senior’s Center.  A few weeks ago I dropped off my volunteer application, since they have several areas that need helpers.  I’m friendly and flexible, and have LOTS of time on my hands!  Having grown up with older parents as well as a set of grandparents in the house, I get along well with seniors, and can easily relate to them.  According to their flyers, the community center is looking for people to help with the Lunch Program, where seniors  (over age 60) can sign up for low cost lunches any weekday.  The menu offers a variety of sandwiches, muffins, soups and salads, preselected each day.  The Center is looking for help in food prep, serving, and clean up, including doing the dishes.  One can sign up for one day, or regular days, for any one of the lunchtime chores.  

The other areas that need help are the registration desk, the snack bar, among others that don’t really interest me.  Imagine that, I’d rather do the dishes than do bingo calling or game leadership.  I can’t imagine anyone will fight me about doing the dishes!  I’m supposed to call the gal in charge of volunteers tomorrow morning, and remind her that she has my application, and that I’m still waiting.


4 thoughts on “In a perfect world

  1. Nothing is easy in the ‘paperless’ world we are supposedly in. How hard would it have been to email the neuro and then perhaps even followup by ph or email to see if the docs arrived? I would appear that we are not friendly neighbours with the two postal systems!

    On another note…Erinn did her dissertation defense yesterday for several hours and is now Dr. Squires….I cried…I am fairly certain she did not get her brains from me!!!


  2. Why ever would you say such a thing? You’re not blonde, after all… ;-]

    On another note, I’m home at the moment, if you feel like a gab, for a few moments in time!

    I just had a frustrating trip, to what I THOUGHT was an easy destination. I now have a scrip for a walker, and I was headed to the med equipment specialist. My GPS and I had a disagreement, and I ended up on one of the sleaziest blocks I’ve seen in the valley! Yeah, good spot to put a store that is going to cater to disabled and seniors, someplace where you dare not get out of the car!

    We finally got around to booking our plane tickets for September. ‘Lots of time’ says my hubby, as he discovered that most of the flights we were thinking of were sold out! Finally found some, but not until I’d muttered myself into a tizzy.

    Hope to chat!?


  3. Ya ya I know I said I was going to hang the laundry…getting to it! Just wanted to let you know that my ear has left an imprint in the phone! Bahahahaha…marathon phone calls!!!


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