Wasn’t that a party?!

Last evening, we hosted a farewell BBQ for our next-door neighbours, who are moving to Washington state in a couple of weeks.  Their daughter has a Marine Corps scholarship to study nursing at a college in Belingham Washington.  Both of their parents are in the Vancouver BC area, as is their large extended family.  Everyone is very much looking forward to the closer connections.

When they sold their house here, they were able to take advantage of the current trend for multiple offers and bidding wars.  They had started out listed in the low 800,000 range, but ended up selling for just under  a million dollars.  Local real estate firms are happy to keep everyone apprised of this trend, hoping to encourage more people of list their home for sale!  Of course, when the vendor makes more money selling in a market like this, so does the agent!  

They already have a home to move into in Bellingham.  It was a short sale that they happened to spy on the internet, a three storey 3600 square foot waterfront property that they bought several years ago, and have been renting out ever since!  They confided that they paid just over $400,000 for it.  What a contrast to this area

All the dozen guests started arriving at about 530pm, and were offered drinks and nibbles.  Glenn and several of the guys then moved out to the patio, to get the BBQ going.  Hamburgers and sausages were soon sizzling, and various salads and crudite’s were set out.  As a lesson in differing palates, ALL of the hamburgers were eaten, but only ONE of the sausages!  What a difference from the ‘old country’!

Most of our guests elected to bring beer, as the contribution to the evening.  We now have SUCH a big selection, but luckily it was all the kind of beer that Glenn likes.  We plan on having the Nuvation gang out for a party later this summer, since Glenn is acutely aware that it was with their hearty recommendations that Apple pursued him so doggedly.  Besides, I’d love to find out what their wives/girlfriends are doing to keep themselves busy, since they are all here under the same visa restrictions as I am:  we are NOT allowed to get paying jobs!

I have submitted a volunteer application at our local seniors’ center, of which I am a member!  Anyone over age 50 is welcome, so I’ll call myself a senior in situations that are to my benefit.  They have an extremly well outfitted gym, with all the latest and greatest equipment, as well as an indoor pool.  They have a computer center, pool tables, ping pong tables, and the most gorgeous grounds, outfitted with wonderful garden furniture.  


5 thoughts on “Wasn’t that a party?!

  1. OMG that very bright teenage girl who was in my computer class a few years ago [was that a few decades ago?] is now classified as a senior citizen!!! I am definitely feeling very very old (LOL)


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