JUST when you think that life might, just maybe, settle into a nice easy pattern, something has to get f%$#ed up.

Naive people we are, we had thought that we did everything properly to make this huge, international move go smoothly.  We had immigration lawyers, real estate lawyers, real estate agents, real estate inspectors, corporate lawyers, tax accountants, corporate accountants, private accountants, relocation specialists, customs agents, rental agents, and rental inspectors.  Everything was signed, countersigned, notarized, photocopied, and distributed.  We were fingerprinted, photographed, patted down, sniffed, and authorized.

Seems pretty good.

NOT says everybody’s favorite government department, better known as CRA.

We found out while Glenn was in China last week, that him signing a piece of paper (that fickle thing, paper!) saying that the house we were to finalize selling today, June 9, 2014, was ‘insufficient’.  Somehow in our frantic frenzy to make sure that everything was complete, accurate, and printed in blue ink, we omitted to realize that I needed to sign the exact same piece of paper that Glenn did, saying that the house in Waterloo was our one and only primary residence.  Glenn got a phone call AND an email to that effect, last Thursday, from a frantic law clerk.  CRA is demanding that we send them $40, 000, to be held until our ‘claim’ that this was our primary residence was proven to their satisfaction.

Pardon me, but I really don’t see how me signing this piece of paper is going to prove anything that hasn’t already been proven.  There is no requirement for swearing on a stack of Bibles before signing, that this statement is true, or any such formality.  In any case, Glenn printed off this delinquent form as soon as he got back to Canada, on Friday morning at 9am.  I duly signed it, and we faxed it off to the lawyer.  There!  DONE!  …..or so we thought.

Today, Glenn gets the call from the law firm, saying that the sale transaction WILL NOT go through, unless they receive the money requested by CRA.  How many times do we have to say that we cannot come up with that kind of cash in an instant!  They might as well have asked for small unmarked bills in a nondescript black gym bag!  In order to access that kind of money we need to get hold of our investment guru and get him to liquidate something.  Knowing Steve, however, he’d have to calculate all the ‘potential net losses and decide which would minimize the ramifications to our portfolio’.  Over the years, we have learned to ALWAYS listen to Steve!

Finally, the head of the law firm phoned Glenn, after he had probably driven the poor law clerk to tears.  The buyers are in a tizzy because they HAVE TO be able to move in to the house TODAY, probably because they had already given notice on their previous rental.  Victor said that we could play this a variety of ways.

1.  We could let the buyers walk, thus freeing us up from having to deal with CRA at this time.

2.  Since this would NOT be acceptable to either party, it isn’t an option.  The buyers really want the house, and we really want to be done with it!

3.  We let the buyers move in to the house, and the legal work and paperwork will be done the moment RC sees the light, and backs off on their $40,000 rant.  Glenn will contact our old insurance agent, Ron, and get him to extend the insurance policy on the house, until further notice.  That way, if their new insurance on the house doesn’t kick in until all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, there will still be insurance on the property.  We are quite certain that the new buyers will NOT do any damage to the home, since it is all but theirs at this point!

So, there we have it:  our disaster du jour.  I think of this poor young couple, buying their first house, thinking that everything is going to sail along smoothly, and their’ll move into their perfect (well, not quite) little love nest, and live happily every after.

Life really is a fairly tale, isn’t it.


One thought on “Spoiler Alert!

  1. Beware the CRA. From much I have learned over the years some of their employees are extraordinarily zealous. I cannot believe your lawyer is not in touch with them pounding on some heads. Hang in there…
    BTW day 5 on Tecfidera…not too bad other then constant nausea and fatigue. Should go away within a month I am told!


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