H A I R C U T !!!!!

aka scalping……..

It was silly hot today, and despite knowing better than to be out in the noon day sun, my hair cut was booked for 130 pm.  Even though the hair salon is VERY close, maybe half a kilometer, I chose to drive there.  Like THAT helped!  

Anyway, I was able to convince the nice girl that my hair was wet because I had just showered,  …4 hours earlier.  Even now, at 8pm, what little hair I have is quite moist.  In my own defense, I just got back from taking Pete for his evening stroll.  The temperature is still 24C, so is definitely working its way down from incinerator.  However, wrestling a large stubborn dog that wants to go one way, when the approaching vehicles insist on going  first, can cause one to break a bit of, uh,  dewiness.  

I don’t mean to harangue my pseudo Border Collie, but he is quite sure that he is in charge.  When we were in the homestretch, walking up our own street, he would not, and I mean NOT let me catch up.  This is a well known dog characteristic.  They want to be the leader!  Some experts will tell you that they are being super protective, wanting to make sure that the way is clear, and that there is no dangerous stuff up ahead.  Others, however, will say that it comes back to doggie dominance issues.  You choose.

So I am now short, sweet, and always to the point.  The back is only an inch long, since that is where I find the hot weather most uncomfortable.  I HATE the feeling of sweat trickling down the back of my head, like a flittering fly, on to my neck.  The combination of hot weather, and menopause, is definitely not working in my favor.  Then, when you factor in my long standing MS, and what it does to your ability to tolerate heat, my goose is cooked, to use an uncomfortable metaphor!

When Shelly finished the extensive clipping, she stood back, and handed me the mirror.  

“Is that what you had in mind?”

Well, yes, except for one thing:  you cut off all the blonde, and left me with nothing but grey!!  We both snickered, and she mock apologized, claiming that the technology to do it the other way around has not yet been perfected.  


So despite my preference for shoulder length hair, I have made the ultimate sacrifice, purely for my sanity.



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