first impressions shared

These few pictures were what Glenn has sent me over the past week, to give me an idea of what Shanghai was like.  I’ll guess at the caption that should be on some of them, but others are self evident.



2 thoughts on “first impressions shared

    1. For some reason, my blog’s attention wavered at the wrong time……and ALL the pics disappeared. I’ll try again, as soon as I stop feeling like I should hurl this computer at my newly returned husband. He definitely learned a lot, and has the exhaustion to show for it. He is very very glad to be home, but definitely had a more positive than negative experience.

      How’s that for saying a great deal of very little? If anything, he is more conscious of being tight lipped now than he was before. Perhaps it is because he saw how tight security is with the manufacturing end. He had to go thru THREE security checkpoints every time he went from the onsite office to the manufacturing floor, which happened several times during the work day.

      On a brighter note, we got a “microcell” for the cell phones here. It is something that ATT sells to enhance the signal, so SHOULD make it so I can use my cell phone here, without running laps around the backyard! Fingers crossed, but if it doesn’t work, we can return it, and THEN he’ll consider finding another carrier!

      Later this weekend, I’m going to try on all three dresses I have gotten for the wedding festivities. I’m going to get Glenn to take a pic of me in each, then I’m going to send them to a VERY select group of friends and family, and ask for opinions. Those opinions MUST be completely honest, as I’m counting on you! I need to know what you think of color, style, fit, suitability for the occasion. I need THREE different outfits (rehearsal dinner, reception, day-after brunch). Do not feel you have to approve all three dresses that you’ll see! I am always open to looking for something else. i.e.. this evening I saw a possibility for the day after brunch, a pair of dressy trousers with a nice blouse.

      Hope we can chat sometime this coming week!


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