My Happy Place

I’m never so happy as the times when I’m planning something.  When Cheryl and I were contriving how to pull off Anna’s surprise party, I was in my heyday.  Now, I have been given another such task, although it isn’t a surprise party.  It’s our neighborhood’s farewell party for Kathey and Jan, my next door neighbors, ex officio Canadians from British Columbia.  They are moving to Washington State, where their daughter will be attending college for nursing, with the help of a scholarship from the Marine Corps.  

Barbara had been discussing the finer details of a farewell party, but she only felt like doing a ‘dessert drop-in’.  We have a brand new BBQ that is more than happy to prepare burgers and sausage, as is my Chef du jour, Glenn.  There would be a maximum of a dozen of us, since now is the time of year when people are starting to head off on summer vacations, to go camping or touring, or to visit distant friends or family.  If my printer was in a better mood, I’d print off invitations, since I’m assuming that more folks than just me remember things better if they are in writing.  Personally, I would hang a party invitation on my fridge, as a constant reminder of things to do or commitments I’ve made.

I’ve started a shopping list for the event, figuring I could buy some of the nonperishables we’ll need in advance, like yellow mustard, relish, pickles.  I already have catsup.  Of course we’ll need a card that we can all sign!  On my longer term shopping list there will be leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes, sweet onion, and a dozen each of sausage, burgers and two dozen buns.  Barbara has already volunteered to bring some salad(s) and dessert items, as had the guest of honor, Kathey.  I’ve still got 3 other couples to talk to, possibly 4.  Now I’m wondering if my quantity estimates are sufficient…but I’ll wait to revise the numbers on my perishables if I see the committed numbers go up or down.

Since there is lots of time, I’m going to go through my recipes and see if there are any that really speak to an occasion like this.  The only one I can come up with offhand is my broccoli salad.  This would mean adding to both my perishables and nonperishables lists.  I’d better do that while I’m thinking of it!

As for seating, I really don’t have much of anything in patio furniture, but usually by dinner time or shortly thereafter it is getting a bit chilly for sitting outside.  Now I know why patio heaters are such a big item here!  In order to avoid a big outlay for something we would likely use only rarely, I think I’ll plan on everyone sitting around in the sun room.  I have the round table and four chairs, although the table is big enough that it could take 6 chairs around it, plus I have the futon that seats 3 with the coffee table in front of it.  Then I have three random chairs and several little end tables, plus I could drag in my six dining room chairs and a couple more end tables.  It would be crowded, but everyone would be together.  

I think for the party I’ll sequester the cats to the garage, with their cat boxes, water dish, and various blankets and pillows.  There are two reasons, maybe three, for excluding them.  I’d need to get their cat boxes out of the main bathroom, I need to use their feeding table as a buffet of sorts, and I just don’t want Alfie doing his usual cute kitty thing and drinking out of whatever glass he can get to!  For that matter, I think I’ll put Peter out with his kitties, since he can be such a pest, and his tail is a weapon of mass destruction!  He can clear off more cocktail tables with that tail, just by walking by and wagging it happily!  I’ve got lots of pretty little cocktail napkins that I pick up whenever I see them on sale at HomeGoods.


2 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!! My fondest wish is to chop of my hair!!!!! If I had a decent looking head it may be an option but when you are stuck with a small pin head it is not!!! I too cannot stand the feeling of wet hair on my neck! Drives me bonkers…oh and when my bangs are flittering around my face…GAHHH!!! Is some of this a sensitivity from MS? Who knows? Send a pic please!!!!!!! BTW my drugs are being delivered by Bioscript Pharmacy today. I will start tomorrow.


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