Yes, I’m finding the time very long.  By long, I mean l o n g!  It has just been four days, but this trip of his is taking FOREVER to be over with!  It doesn’t help that I can’t even talk to him over the phone, courtesy of our sketchy cell phone service at this house.  When we were first looking at houses, we didn’t think to eliminate 90% of the houses in California.  Stucco houses are built on metal frames, and those frames act like a deadener for cell signals.  Someone suggested just getting a home phone, or a ‘land line’.  I can imagine the reaction I’d get if I went to ATT and asked about a ‘home phone’.  I’d get a quizzical look, and then they’d say,

“but… can use ANY phone at home.  Or do you mean one that is separate from your work phone?”

Every one and everything is cell phones.  Even business lines are cell phones now!  The catch with cell phones is that you need to invest in yet another piece of technology, called a ‘repeater’.  We had one in Buckham’s Bay, when we were living in the wilderness part of Ottawa.  Our little cottage on the river was not with sight of a cell tower, even though we were practically on top of a hill.  But, if you can’t see it, it’s of no use to you!  Who knew that cell signals travel by line of sight?  It seems rather antiquated for this high tech world.

It has been a couple of days since I heard from Glenn.  He sends me text messages, as that seems to be less of a hassle than me having to run out in the backyard in order to talk to him on the phone.  Even my friends find it hard to talk with me on the phone.  Bev called today, and was all set to have one of our marathon chats.  Unfortunately, the irritation of having to constantly say that my voice was too faint, or that she missed the last few words, was her undoing.  I could cry!  I’m suffering from lack of human contact here, but when someone calls me they get tired of having to repeat themselves!  The same thing happened when Glenn’s mom, Anna, called last evening.

One thing that I DO need to do, and SOON, is go and ask Kathey, our next door neighbor, when exactly it is that her husband and son are heading to their new home in Washington State!  We would like to host a farewell BBQ in our back yard for them, and invite all the neighbors that know them.  Barbara had suggested she would have a dessert party for them, but Glenn is always anxious to show off his BBQ prowess.  As soon as I know what we’re doing and when, I’ll send notes around to the locals, and suggest that it will be burgers, sausage, and fixings, with Barb making dessert.  Hopefully we’d get some of the others offering to bring stuff, too.

This evening I’ve been invited to dinner at Barbara and Charles’ home at 530pm.  I asked her if I could make dessert, and she brushed that off.  I’m debating if I’ll make a batch of tea biscuits to take along, so that I feel less like a starving orphan!  Perhaps not, though.  It might interfere with what she has prepared,

Glenn FINALLY called.  He was just waiting for the shuttle to arrive to take him to the plant.  He didn’t get back to the hotel last evening until past 10pm, and was too exhausted to even think about eating dinner!  He has learned to stuff himself at breakfast and lunch, because sometimes dinner is just not on the agenda.  Besides, he said, the food has not been agreeing with him too well!

Luckily, Kathey and Jan won’t be leaving until closer to the end of the month, so we have tentatively scheduled the farewell party for the 14th of June.  She was thrilled that someone was organizing the neighborhood for this sendoff!  She also offered to bring something to the party, something to go with the burgers, sausage, and……??

We started talking about cell phones, and she said that they had initially gone with ATT, and had the same problems that we currently are.  They switched to Verizon, with drastically improved results!  It turns out that the tower is just a couple streets away, so that certainly helps.  She came over here, and brought 3 of her family’s cell phones, and they all worked beautifully.  Guess who Glenn is calling when he returns?

Glenn and I talked about his problems at the plant, problems with the software, and problems with his being somewhat unwilling to socialize with the other engineers.  He denies that, of course.  I think I convinced him to stick with the group for the weekend, and do some sightseeing!  He agreed, then explained that he was on his was in to the plant now, even though it is Saturday there.  However, the plant there runs on Saturday, but everyone has Sunday and Monday off.  Okay, whatever, just make sure you get a couple of days of R&R!  You NEED the break!  I told him that I wanted to see an awesome portfolio of pictures when he gets home, so he reluctantly agreed to play nice with the other kids.





One thought on “Lonely heart club executive

  1. I was not irritated my dear but pressed for time. Our conversation was sketchy as you mentioned though! I am going to call you this weekend! I may try a different phone in my house as well…I do have phone issues even with a landline! We have severely bad service out here in the boonies. Hope you had a great supper last night! I will try to call more often and help you feel less lonely!


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