Downtown Shanghai

Downtown Shanghai

This is the view from Glenn’s 11th floor room in downtown (industrial) at one of the Hyatt hotels. When they arrived, it was late afternoon. The temperature was 31C, very humid, and the pollution was intense.

Glenn and his travel buddy met up with some of the other Apple staff that was onsite. When they went out for dinner, they discussed what and where they could go for the weekend, but no decisions have been made as of yet.


2 thoughts on “Downtown Shanghai

  1. No mask, but his usual inhalers i.e. Ventolin. Besides, he’s not really in the outdoors enough to react to it. They are picked up at 8am at the latest, to be ferried to the plant, then picked up from there at 5pm-ish, and transported back to the hotel. They are talking about doing some exploring on the weekend, so don’t have any details on that yet.

    The only thing that I’ve heard from him yesterday was that they are 15 hours ahead of us here in California, so would be 18 hours ahead of Ottawa. It is currently Wednesday middle of night there. He commented that he’s glad he doesn’t have to drive there, as the traffic intense.

    My neighbor Barb came over this morning, and pointed out that I left the keys in the front door. Yeah, I was pretty exhausted last night when I came back from walking Pete. Finally had a comparatively good sleep last night! I am invited over for dinner on Friday night. I suspect they feel sorry for me, or perhaps responsible for my nutritional intake!

    I was disappointed to learn that my June exercise class has been cancelled, due to lack of enrollment. I was the only one that signed up. What, am I not sufficient challenge for our perky blonde trainer?

    Please consider dropping in for a cuppa. I AM BORED! Talk to you tomorrow…….


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