alone again……naturally (Gilbert O’Sullivan)

At precisely 1045am, a sleek black limo pulled up at the curb.  With the term “executive service” discretely etched on the nearly opaque back window, a well dressed gent hopped out and took Glenn’s bags from him, popped them in the trunk, and opened the back passenger door for ‘the client’.  Glenn being Glenn, he immediately unrolled the window so I could see him, flashed our 38 year old code sign as they pulled away.  

Just got a text from him saying that he was sitting in the executive lounge drinking coffee, but was still a bundle of nerves.  I’m not sure if he’s nervous per se, or just excited.  He has never travelled to Asia before, so this is a new one for him.  This is his first flight on a 747, something that has been on his bucket list for quite a while.  When we were shopping yesterday I insisted that he get a “plane pillow”, so he won’t wake up with a stiff neck.   I’m sure that he’ll be fine, once he calms down.  He’s to get  lunch, supper and breakfast on this flight, so he won’t starve!

The hotel where they are staying is a Hyatt, as are ALL of the hotels around this manufacturing plant.  Pegatron, as it is called, is where Apple manufactures a number of its products, so it is extremely high security.  I’m hoping that he will be able to snap a few pictures of the surroundings there, just to give me an idea of what it looks like.  I don’t expect indoor pics, especially of Pegatron, but even the grey business district would be appreciated!  I’m not likely to ever go there, so he’ll have to be my eyes, for the time being.  

It is a quiet holiday Monday here in Santa Clara.  There were copious loud fireworks last evening, undoubtedly at Central Park, in nearby Sunnyvale.  I notice that the graveyard on the main road had dozens of HUGE US flags on the bordering fence, standing like sentry’s guarding their own.  That is one thing that I’ve noticed a difference in here:  Canadians are rarely brought to tears by the sight of the Maple Leaf, but not Americans.  They will stop, stand at attention, put their right hand on their heart, at the sight of the stars and stripes.  When the anthem is done playing, there is nary a dry eye in the crowd.  Perhaps it is linked to a personal loss, since the US always seems to have active military presence somewhere.    That’s the other thing:  many of our neighbors have a flag flying prominently on their property.  Generally, these are not the wee kind you can get at Canadian Tire.  These are at least 30″ by 50″, and are most often taken in at night, and reinstalled in the morning.  I often watch Charles perform this ceremony, morning and night.  When we were at their house for dinner a few weeks ago, Charles invited Glenn into his study, to see his photos of the planes he piloted during the war.  Medals were there too, so they had quite a chat.  Glenn never misses a chance to talk about aircraft!

Since I am on my own for the next little while, I am going to make a batch of my favorite muffins to enjoy.  I know, having the oven on when it is so beastly hot outside is contradictory, but it’s the price I pay for my favorite muffins.  Of course, I can’t follow the recipe exactly here, since I have not been able to find molasses anywhere!  When I ask a staff member where in the store I could find molasses, I get a blank look.  Do they have another name that is used in the USA?  I’m confounded by this peculiar absence!  

I really can’t be alone here when the sound of birds is quite constant.  Twittering, chirping, cooing and squawking:  silence might be golden, but this cacophony of cackling is music to my ears!


5 thoughts on “alone again……naturally (Gilbert O’Sullivan)

  1. Life sounds idyllic Leann! I think I could handle a few days alone myself! Call if you need to yak. I am out tomorrow and Wednesday but Thursday would be nice if you are up for a yak during the day! Today I watered the garden out along the rail fence in the back. Still have to do the front but it is quite humid out so I will leave that to Doug after supper! Put the pool out for the dogs as well! Our big pool is up and running now too…I might go soak my sore feet! You remember don’t you that we go from winter to summer here…no rest for the wicked I guess! Bahahahaha!!!


  2. I have my gym class on Thursday, so wouldn’t be available til after noon. That would be after 9am for you! How about 10am for you, which would be 1pm for me? Shall we put it in ink in our day books?

    Looking forward to it!


    1. Yer backwards my dear!!! Noon for you is 3 pm HERE, 10 am for me is 7 am for you! It’s the time challenge with all the thinking about China confusing you!!!


  3. Is OK Leann, getting time mixed up that is. I’ve lived in Ontario for almost 14 years now (Yikes, where did the time go?!) and sometimes I do the time switch figuring out, like I’m still in Manitoba going from west to east instead of east to west when a person lives in ON. Happens to the best of us, hahaha!!


    1. Would you believe I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, with my ridiculously nervous bedmate? The sun rises first in the east, but even earlier when your dearly beloved is having an ongoing panic attack!


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